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Recipe // How To Make Acai Cherry Smoothie Bowls


* Recipe by guest contributor Laney Schwartz, creator of Life is But a Dish

Have you met my latest obsession?

Me and this Acai Cherry Smoothie Bowl have a secret love affair going on, except it’s not really that secret. It’s so not secret that I want to shout it from the rooftops and tell the whole world how much I LOVE it. Did I mention I’m obsessed?

Acai-Cherry-Smoothie-Bowl- how to

It’s the one thing I crave every day for breakfast, post workout and snack. I just want it all the time! I’ve changed the way I make smoothies these days. I’m trying to use far less sugar than before. Even from fruit. One of the reasons I love acai so much is because I use unsweetened packets ( this is my favorite acai brand ) and they provide SO many incredible nutrients while keeping the sugar intake low. Did you know that acai is an antioxidant powerhouse? It’s packed with more antioxidants that blueberries! So. Good. For. You.

Acai-Cherry-Smoothie-Bowl-how to make recipe

There is one secret weapon in this bowl that puts it over the top. Nut butter.

You can use any kind you like. Peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, or a mix! But it somehow balances out all the flavors and pulls this bowl together.

Excuse me. I gotta to make another bowl.

Original recipe // Acai Cherry Smoothie Bowl


You can thank me later.

Laney Schwartz

Hi, I'm Laney! Home cook, mom, wife, workout junkie, and ultra crazy food lover! Creator of Life is but a Dish - a space where you will get a sneak peek into my world which mainly consists of food, family, and friends. Join me on this wonderful journey called life, one dish at a time. Find me on Instagram at lifeisbutadish

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