Synthetic Apparitions of Not Being Lonely

Burberry trench coat_jeans_red bag

What I’m Wearing…

Okay… TECHNICALLY, I’m wearing the same jeans and bodysuit as I was in this post a few days ago -BUT I wanted to style the pairing completely differently just because it’s so versatile and works with so many looks, and that’s just fun… and, and, and!

* Jeans by Blank Denim
* Bodysuit {which I love wearing off the shoulder} is by
* Burberry shorty trench coat… which I love to wear in the spring. In fact, I generally save it for spring.
* Red bag and sunglasses both by Salvatore Ferragamo
* DIY Lace Choker
* Red lips by Lancome
* Black suede sandals by Jeffery Campbell

* Title: The 1975 ‘She’s American’ … which I can’t stop listening to right now.

California weather has been such a tease lately… one day it’s warm and I’m lounging in the sun in a bikini and two days later it’s literally snowing and I’m back in my puffy coats and boots. Generally I can’t wear open toes just yet, but there have been a few days where I got away with it for a few hours. What’s fun about living where there are actual seasons though, is the anticipation of the next and right now I am really aching for summer. I’m sure most of you are too because the dream of summer always feels like it’s going to be epic, and hopefully this year, it will be.

classic spring look

spring trench coat_ jeans and bodysuit_red lips

burberry trench_red lips

Burberry Trench coat_red lips_ messy ponytail

red lips_ponytaile_burberry trench

bodysuit and jeans_red lips and ponytail

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Happy Thursday Lovecats!

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  • Liv

    April 28, 2016 | Reply

    Love the pop of colors.


  • K

    April 30, 2016 | Reply

    Loneliness is such a strange thing. I think sometimes you can convince yourself you prefer to be alone… And sometimes that’s true. But deep loneliness that lingers even with people is such an awful thing. And you wonder how you got there. What you do from that point is so important.

    Sometimes I think about your blog and the girl you used to be. When you moved I worried about you. I think some people need people like plants need sunshine and dogs need cuddles.

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