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Touch Me Like You Never… Cuz I am Not Afraid Anymore

mountain look_plaid shirt_jeans_uggs_fur beanie

What I’m Wearing…

* Jeans by Blank Denim
* Plaid flannel shirt from Asos… and for the record, this is a kind of traditional “mountain look” minus the bomber jacket and fur beanie, but it’s a hard one for me to pull off, lol. I always feel very manly wearing a plaid flannel shirt with jeans like this… I don’t know how other girls and women can wear it and look so cute and I immediately look like a man. So this is actually a super rare sighting for me, lol.
* Turtleneck by Splendid
* Faux leather bomber jacket by Obey
* Furry hat by Bop Basics {years ago} Similar by Jocelyn
* Black UGG boots with bows up the back
* Balenciaga classic town bag

* Title: Halsey – Not Afraid AnymoreI want something so impure… You better impress now, watching my dress now fall to the floor… Crawling underneath my skin, sweet talk with a hint of sin… Begging you to take me… Devil underneath your grin, sweet thing, but she play to win, heaven gonna hate me

It has been snowing for what feels like a century. There’s more snow this winter than I’ve seen, well EVER. It’s great. We need it. California needs water or it’ll all dry up and we’ll all die… It’s true, but it’s also funny when everyone complains about the snow, their follow up is ALWAYS …but we need it, and I do the same thing. But it’s still not so easy to live in.

My power went out for over 27 hours on Friday/Sat due to the storm, which after so many hours completely puts me in fear/survival mode as my house gets colder and colder and the dogs and I get closer and closer to the fireplace, eventually just all laying in front of it in the dark, getting nothing accomplished. It’s one thing to lose the lights and the tv and the internet, and only able to text standing outside in the snow in a certain spot, but it’s another thing to not have heat. And that’s when things get scary, because, uuuuhhhhhh, it’s snowing outside and quite literally, it’s FREEZING.

When you’re with someone or live with someone and the power goes out, there’s something cute and romantic about it. And even though things may get scary or cold, you have each other, and you have a fun little adventure you can remember and talk about later after all is restored and well again. But when you’re alone, there’s a sudden surge of panic… LIKE YOU’RE ACTUALLY GOING TO DIE, even though you’re totally not, BUT THAT’S WHAT IT FEELS LIKE.

So once the sun went down, I packed up the dogs and went to my mom’s, in the snow.

By Sunday, I really needed a day to just recharge. I had a long to-do list, and I didn’t do anything on it, because I needed to refocus. I’ve been in a strange and negative tornado for the last few weeks and dammit, I’m over it. So I did whatever I could to change the thoughts in my brain… I slept. I read. I watched inspiring videos on youtube. I colored in my adult coloring books. I wrote. And eventually my energy went from negative to positive and I feel slightly better. But in this heavy winter, I’m going to have to work extra hard every single day to make sure I stay on the up and up. Because life, man.

plaid shirt_leather bomber jacket_snow style iin the mountains

jeans_uggs with bows up the back

mountain style in the snow

uggs with bows up the back

snow style in the mountains_plaid+denim

Happy Monday Lovecats!

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