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The Feeling of your Skin Locked in My Head

bootcut flare jeans_ crop top _chloe drew bag

What I’m Wearing…

* Ivory crop top by Blaque Label
* Skinny micro flare jeans by Joe’s Jeans {also seen here with heels and here with birkenstocks ~ they look so different with heels and with flats, like different jeans almost. I love that!}
* Various gold stacking rings, new and vintage
* Vintage tooled leather belt / thrifted ages ago
* Nude wedges by Matiko {ancient ~ I linked to a similar, if not better pair}
* Sunglasses by Fendi
* Chloe ‘Drew’ bag

* Title: lyrics from Tove Lo – ‘Talking Body’

* Nails: Sally Hansen ‘King of Shadows’

I got my belly button pierced when I was 18 I think… down in Venice and I can only remember being 18 because I had my first tattoo done at 17 and I’m pretty sure my belly button was the next, followed by my ankle tattoo and then my tongue ring, and the list goes on.

I happened to really like my belly button ring though, as I thought it enhanced the look of my stomach or rather, drew attention away from the less than perfect parts, lol. And though I removed my tongue ring after about three years {and honestly, I wouldn’t recommend tongue rings based on how all of my back teeth are aging and chipping because of all the steel that clanked around on them} I kept my navel ring in until I had surgery to remove cysts on my ovaries in 2007. I had to remove it because they cut a hole in my belly button to shove a camera into my abdomen so as to safely remove the cysts on said ovaries. Anyway, I never replaced it because I had to let my incisions heal, and then being in my early thirties, I thought maybe it was time to lay to rest the belly button ring.

Now, however, years later, and nearing 39, and as crop tops are on trend again… and I’m not exactly sure there is an age limit on crop tops if you think you can pull them off ~ so I’ll just leave it at that, BUT as hard as I’ve been working on my abs {and butt} since the beginning of the year, there is an element of sagginess that just happens to your skin when you get older, and as much as we all probably hate it, we have to accept it, because it is what it is.. who cares, right? BUT with that saginess, I’ve also realized that the hole where my belly button ring used to be sags right above my navel… you can see it if you look at the photos below ~ and I’m thinking that I can solve that little issue simply by returning my belly button ring back to its rightful home. However, in time, I’ve come to like the way my stomach and belly button look without it…

Will I look like some old has-been with a belly button ring? Maybe, but it may be worth it so that I don’t have to look at that sad little saggy frown right above my navel any longer, lol. So I will now go and hunt down my old and favorite ring, since I had about a handful of different versions, but my favorite was the simple half moon with a ball on either end…. which I’m sure, will be the only one I can’t find. AND maybe the hole will be all closed up by now and I won’t be able to get it through. BUT, if it’s anything like earring holes, a little pushing and wiggling will get the job done. I’ll let you know… I’m sure you’re just on the edge of your seats 😉

crop top and jeans

jeans_hair_chloe bag

crop top_jeans_chloe bag

crop and jeans_chloe bag

fendi sunglasses_ chloe drew bag _crop top

Happy Tuesday Lovecats!

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