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Fashion Trend Alert // Ultimate ’90s Dad Sneaker ~ Designer Runners

pink suit - balenciaga Triple S runners - suits with sneakers

Okay, my initial reaction upon seeing this trend was why the crazy ’90s Dad Sneaker?, but when I thought about it a bit more I couldn’t stop thinking it was a direct throwback to the mid ’90s when it suddenly became trendy (but not fashionable) for “career women” to swap their heels for running shoes while simultaneously wearing a business skirt suit, to head out of the office for lunch or whtever errands they may have needed to run. Since I was a teenager in the ’90s, I only witnessed this trend in movies and magazines, where it was oftentimes teased and pointed out as being a MAJOR FASHION FAIL.

Let’s also reference this scene from Crazy Stupid Love and Steve Jobs’ signature ’90s style to complete the visual look in male form…

90s dad shoe - Steve Jobs signature style

FAST FORWARD to now – 2017-2018 when an even more outrageous version of the running shoe (think a trainer on steroids) has suddenly and without warning, become uber trendy among the most fashion forward of them all.

I give you the Triple S by Balenciaga…(I’ll pause for laughter) which retails for a mere $850 (I’ll pause for you to pick your chin up off of your desk) IF you can still find a pair for sale – But don’t fret, there are different color options available… and you can find them reselling for even higher than retail price.

Balenciaga Triple S white runners - trendy sneakers

In addition to the novelty of this goofy sneaker, definitely DO NOT FORGET to add the thin, straight ankle sock to complete the look.

And if you’re not really into the Balenciaga version (above), not to worry because Gucci, Acne, Prada, Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton (and more) also have similar options.

Below I shall present street style examples of this trend worn mostly by Chiara Ferragni (blogger, extraordinare ~ LA – Milan) and Marianne Theodorsen (head of PR and Digital Media at HØYER / NORWAY) ~ seemingly their FAVORITE shoe option based on how often they wear them in their Instagram posts and because they style them in a way that makes me almost go… WAIT, DO I NEED A PAIR OF THESE HIDEOUS SNEAKERS!?!?

Yes… they arrive looking this dirty. It’s part of their charm

balenciaga triple s sneaker - street style

I could really show you more examples than you can ever imagine, because I’m telling you these are catching on… and the longer I look at them, the less I hate them #justsaying 😉 I also think a watered down version will be the trendiest of all because they’re far more wearable.

Because Suddenly, look how cute…

Valentino runners- sneakers Valentino runners- sneakers

SO yes, these Valentino’s aren’t AS cooky… (and remind me of the original retro Reebok style sneakers)


But is it just because the styling is also so cute?

MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Suede-trimmed canvas and velvet sneakers MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Suede-trimmed canvas and velvet sneakers

And the bows on these MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Suede-trimmed canvas and velvet sneakers are kind of calling my name.


A few years ago wearing trainers/workout sneakers with regular outfits became slightly trendy but this kind of just takes it to another level.

So What Do YOU Think Lovecats!??! Yay or Nay?

Image sources via Instagram accounts as follows: @marianne_theodorsen // @chiaraferragni // @burberry // @scotttiburcio // @nclgallery

Happy Tuesday Lovecats!

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