Wearing White After Labor Day… taking my Summer Maxi Dresses into Fall

white maxi for fall with  bown accessoris and sjp big hair

What I’m Wearing This outfit was from last week when I did my hair tutorial
* White maxi dress {love} by Isabel Lu from GILT a while ago -found it in Moss Piperlime!
* Victoria’s Secret open cardigan… seriously still my faves.
* Asos boyfriend belt which is on sale now for $10.98
* Vintage and new brass & gold bangles & brass hoop earrings
* Kenneth J Lane pear necklace
* Abarcas leather sandals from Spain
* Kooba “Johnny” bag in brown {courtesy of Kooba} I love this bag really, it’s so easy to throw everything in.

* Hair: SJP wild and curly and BIG hair – TUTORIAL HERE

The husband and I are now part owners of a little Day Spa in the valley… and yes, it’s insanely crazy! While he’ll be more hands-on & at the spa, I will be taking care of redecorating and getting it on the interwebs, i.e. social media extravaganza. This morning we’re meeting there so i can take a look around and snap “before” photos and get a feel for what needs to be done and how I’d like to reinvent it. I’m excited… we’re excited… it’s a new adventure… but it’s also a bit scary too! So I hope you don’t mind me sharing the process of it all with you here, because how can I not really? xoxox

white after labor day -maxi dresses for fall

Kooba bag and bangles

white after labor day - white and brown-big curls-sjp hair

Kooba bag-abarcas sandals

big sjp hair-curly hair

big curls+no heat curls+get curls without heat+twisted buns in hair

white maxi dress and brown belt -big SJP hair

big wavy curls no heat curls from twisted buns

Happy Thursday!


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  • Katie

    September 22, 2011 |

    Congrats on the day spa! That’s awesome 🙂

  • Sarah Jean

    September 22, 2011 |

    How exciting!!! My mom and I have always talked about opening a bakery/coffee shop. Can’t wait to see updates about it!

  • thankfifi

    September 22, 2011 |

    Good luck with the spa = look forward to the updates. You look gorgeous in the shots.x

  • Amanda

    September 22, 2011 |

    SPA?!?! Congrats!
    …and I need to start doing this too: turn Summer-Maxis into Fall staples…
    …very exciting.

  • K.M.

    September 22, 2011 |

    love you and your blog and this outfit ♥

  • Neris / Fashion Fractions

    September 22, 2011 |

    The white has never looked so good after the labor day 🙂 Amazing dress, especially the back of it!
    And how exciting it that you and your hubby are starting a new business adventure together 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about it!


    Fashion Fractions

  • Xuan

    September 22, 2011 |

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months but this is my first time commenting, just wanted to say you’re such an inspiration! You have such a great passion for life. Can’t wait to hear more about your new venture, all the best 🙂

  • Maria

    September 22, 2011 |

    Wow! COngrats on the spa! And, personally, I’d LOVE fdor you to share the whole process and everythign, actually! Can’t wait to see some pics.
    That is a great dress! You look amazing!

  • PinkGlitter

    September 22, 2011 |

    Love the outfit. Congrats on the spa! Can’t wait to read more about it.

  • Tina

    September 22, 2011 |

    oh my gosh! that is so incredible! congrats!! thats gonna be an exciting adventure! 🙂 i wonder how this all came about??

  • CessOviedo

    September 22, 2011 |

    I don’t to put my maxis away not just yet, so I’d try anything to make the into fall looks, this looks great, love the muted colors! Congrats for the spa, bet you’ll have lots of success!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  • Sing

    September 22, 2011 |

    And this is how you do. Wonderful. Love white and browns together, so clean.

  • Anonymous

    September 22, 2011 |

    Beautiful hair and color………..lots of good luck to you and hubby and new spa! We can’t wait to see the “before and after” photos!

  • zoerabbit

    September 22, 2011 |

    I have to tell you that I became obsessed with this bag when I first saw it on your blog. I’m happy to say that it’s being delivered today. Love the blog and congratulations on your new adventure!

  • Nessa

    September 22, 2011 |

    I just wrote a post as well about wearing white on labor day too! Great minds think alike. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

  • Gawgus things...

    September 22, 2011 |

    How exciting! Can’t wait to follow the progress here 🙂


    September 22, 2011 |

    love the maxi dress, especially the open back revealed. sexy

  • Liesl

    September 22, 2011 |

    I just ADORE this look on you and how you brought a white, summer, maxi dress into a more winter white look perfect for Fall! Oh and your hair is just lovely!

    Liesl 🙂

  • J

    September 23, 2011 |

    great outfit! i loveee your big hair!!

  • Sheree

    September 23, 2011 |

    Beautiful photos! that dress and your hair, perfection, very angelic!

  • Summer

    September 23, 2011 |

    Okay, how fun is that?!? Thank goodness LA isn’t that far…. =)

  • Sara Pierce

    September 23, 2011 |

    I love the little peephole in the back! Adorable!

  • Anonymous

    September 23, 2011 |

    I LOVE the hair and the outfit! So cute!

  • oh, jenny mae

    September 24, 2011 |

    i told my girl we need to do their hair like this. we love it.

    congrats on the spa. have fun with it.

  • Katie

    September 26, 2011 |

    Love this! Wearing white after Labor Day, when done properly, can be so pretty! 🙂 And congrats on the spa – so exciting!!!

  • clarity enhanced diamonds

    September 26, 2011 |

    Your bracelets are so much fun!

  • Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

    September 26, 2011 |

    This is making me want to have a nice relaxing day at the spa. Time to take off work lol.

  • Megan, The Frugalista Diaries

    September 29, 2011 |

    this.is.amazing! I can’t even describe how much I love it.

  • seo service

    March 23, 2012 |

    thanks for a cool hub. Up on fashion! yay. We grew up with that thought too, that white after labor day wasnt okay. Sign of the new day dawning. White all year round is fine with me. I wear my tank tops all year round too under things. And I get away with waterproof shoes for most of the year too. Even on winter days! hooray for no boots! Although some days, I have to wear boots. Blizzards call for them. I agree blizzards BEG for boots! I, however, am a HUGE boot fan and even wrote a hub about it! Check it out! Have a good one!

  • cheap nfl jerseys

    November 23, 2012 |

    Love this! Wearing white after labor day, if done correctly, can be so beautiful! 🙂 and congratulations spa — so exciting! !!

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