When you Finally Get to Love Somebody… Guess What?

What I’m Wearing…

* WTF grey Sweatshirt from Asos a few years ago… still a favorite! seen here back in 2013 and here – Tip: buy sweatshirts from the men’s section, they’re better and usually less expensive
* Vintage black blazer
* Joe’s jeans – with a little boot cut flare – similar jeans here – seen here back in 2012
* Black fedora
* Vintage silk scarf
* Barton Perreira sunglasses
* Coach bag – love this green snakeskin bag from Topshop (super affordable and linked in the widget below too along with a few unbelievably unaffordable options as well – because they’re cute and why not window shop?)
* Marc Jacobs combat boots

These photos were shot a few weeks ago when my hair was still curly and wild and fun from our Dogwood Tavern one year anniversary 80s party. It’s such a fun hairstyle and is different each time I do it (I used my old sponge rollers and you can find a pretty bad tutorial of it here). The curls were super tight the night of the party and fell out a little each day until I washed it. I think this was day three… when it starts dreading in the back I have to wash it, lol – I’ve been meaning to go through the party pics and post here as well as on the Dogwood blog/site, but I’ve been a little out of my mind lately so I haven’t had a chance to do it.

* Title: *NSYNC – It’s Gonna Be Me – for obvious reasons … IT’S GONNA BE MAY 🙂

It actually IS MAY – today – and that’s blowing my mind. I know, it’s lame and cliche and repetitive on every level to say it but we all know the feeling of time literally flying by and this year seems to be moving at warp speed. Anyone else feel the same or is it just MAY? haha

I’ve been pretty absent here lately and just generally trying the get through life at the moment… if you’ve read my last few posts, you’ll get it, but I’m managing. I’m feeling healthy again and have allowed myself a little time off, immersed myself in Game of Thrones (currently on season 6 and feeling like that Portlandia skit where they can’t stop binge watching the show). I’ve also been reading a lot and though I’ve read it before, The Untethered Soul has been pretty amazing at guiding me through my current challenges and helping me gain a new perspective on it all.

I’ve also been journalling a lot to make sure I’m processing all the emotions tied up in it and that has helped too. I started thinking about how everything in retrospect is always a blessing so I wrote as if I were in the future living my best life ever and how grateful I was my house sold and I moved out. It actually helped a LOT. It may sound strange, but it worked. If you’re going through a difficult time, resisting what is or having trouble accepting what is happening in your world, I suggest you try it. I started with “In retrospect, I see now how much of a blessing it was to sell my house and move on…” and then talked about how great my life was and detailed where I was living and how beautiful my new life is… and on and on. I swear it sounds silly but it literally felt like a weight was lifted and I was actually able to accept my situation.

But you know when you finally accept what is… then suddenly there’s a moment where it may not be? I got a call from my realtor yesterday saying the appraisal for the house came in way lower than the purchase price. I didn’t really understand how it would affect anything because I’ve only been in the buyer’s seat and not the sellers and had a fairly small loan in comparison, so I don’t remember any appraisal issues then, but it is causing a huge problem apparently.

When I got off the phone with her, my stomach was churning and I was feeling super emotional (also PMS, which never helps an already difficult situation)… And then I just said – well, whatever happens, happens and if the house doesn’t sell now, then I just get to live in it longer until it does. But it’s funny that as soon as I was actually accepting reality and ready to move out and move on, everything changed and the possibility of not actually moving became my reality again. So strange. But it always happens that way.

Happy Hump Day Lovecats!

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