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A Glitch in the Matrix : September 2009 Style


September 15, 2009

Last month I decided to rewind my blog clock for a minute and post my favorite outfits from August 2009 and since it went over so well, I thought I’d create a little Glitch in the Matrix Series at the end of each month to compare then and now. You can also find old outfit posts in my Style Archive though I haven’t updated since December 2010.

In 2009 I was still using my Canon powershot camera & had just begun taking photos outside. I would get so frustrated that my little powershot wouldn’t produce the photos I wanted to see but looking back now, they’re not as bad and I remembered. Many times I would hand-blur out the background in photoshop to try and mimic the look I get now with my Nikon & Nikkor lenses. It took me FOREVER and hated that it still didn’t look right but looking back, they’re kind of fun and different. I have a feeling the powershots made me appear a bit thinner… or maybe I just was a few lbs lighter… or maybe it was just because I was so tan then that it was a great & magical thinning illusion, but I’d like it back please. Gone are the days of epic amounts of free time to lounge around in the sun as well.

Noticing my outfits then were a little more punchy, poppy, accessorized, and rarely with a bag, which I think was because I was in such a hurry all of the time I forgot it, but it’s interesting to see how styles change even if very slightly. I used to take my photos before I left for the gallery or I’d pull over on the way or even outside once I got to the gallery… sleepy eyed and all. I’d try to get to work early and I’d edit and post all my outfit shots for that particular day, the same day. It would stress me out to no end every morning but there was something really fun about it too 🙂

* Click the date below each photo or the photo itself for original outfit post with details.

September 8, 2009

September 25, 2009

vintage floral print cropped jacket, j brand jeans, Harajuku girls tank top, jeans-white-pumps-3
September 24, 2009

September 4, 2009

black-sweater-dress-oxfords-2, gray cardigan, side braid in hair, alexander wang braid
September 18, 2009

thick braid in hair, aztec-dress-cut-out-platforms-11
September 22, 2009

flared jeans, j brand jeans, love story jeans, vintage versace like silk bomber jacket, studded belt, black-gold-lovestory-jeans-
September 10, 2009

tan, black dress with pastel jacket and shoes, mint-ungaro-blazer-3
September 1, 2009

September 11, 2009

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