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Mixing Prints: Leopard and Florals

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print mixing+leopard print blouse+floral print dress+vest+vintage belt+cat eye sunglasses+long blond hair+blowing wind+og sharp

leopard blouse under dress+sweater vest cardigan

mixing prints+cat eye sunglasses+lady handbag+black tights+ long blonde hair+leopard print+cropped

stirrup tights+calvin klein heels+silk dress with leopard blouse under+cynthia steffe silk dress+rocks

print mixing+pairing patterns+fashion+outfit+stirrup tights add to shoes+long blonde hair

What I’m Wearing
* Cynthia Steffe floral print silk dress …from GILTseen here with my favorite leopard coat – I love mixing leopard print with this dress. In fact, leopard is one of the easier prints to mix {in my opinion} so if you haven’t tried the print mixing trend, you may want to start with a leopard.
* Vintage leopard print blouse worn under …last seen here tied up on the sides -worn as a jacket
* Sweater vest/cardigan from Alloy – fairly old
* Vintage black belt with gold buckle
* Vintage gold necklace & gold hoop earrings
* American Apparel Shiny Stirrup Tights
* Calvin Klein snakeskin pumps
* Tom Ford cat eye {anouk} sunglasses
* Vintage Gucci bag
* Original Title : Cat Stevens “The Wind” {… I’ll never make the same mistake }

It’s so crazy windy in LA right now …I mean it’s normal for this time of year but I hate it. The wind feels chaotic to me …like The Wizard of Ozcrazy. Though it’s not even close to THAT windy …it feels like it to me. I can pretty much pinpoint the reason why the wind feels like an enemy to me ….which just so happened to be on or around Halloween when I was 5 years old wherein I went as the Blue Fairy from Disney’s Pinocchio and my mom made my wings out of wire hangers and chiffon …but made them a wee bit too large for the tininess that was I at age 5. And when I got out of the car to go to school in my costume, I was literally lifted off the ground by the wind. Only for a moment, but I definitely got air. So yeah, needless to say, the wind makes me a little nervous 😉

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print mixing++stirrup tights+leopard print+blown out photos


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