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Be Even Better // Ocean Spray PACt™ Cranberry Water

PACt cranberry extract water

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I grew up drinking cranberry juice. Cranberry raspberry was my mom’s flavor of choice, which she chose to make from frozen concentrate, adding more water than it called for to dilute it and lower the sugar content. Really, it was closer to water than juice, which was, in fact, pretty healthy, and it was always in a mustard-colored pitcher in the fridge.

Into adulthood, I carried on her cranberry juice tradition, but I bought the bottled kind which was FULL of sugar, and once I realized it, I cut back and started choosing beverages with far less sugar and drink mostly water now. But other than my morning coffee and an occasional soda {when I’m feeling rebellious} water can get kind of boring and I’ve been missing the health benefits from the cranberries I used to get.

When Ocean Spray reached out and asked if I wanted to try their new PACt™ Cranberry Extract water, I had to give it a go. With only 7 ingredients, including purified water, 80 milligrams of unique cranberry PACs, natural fruit flavors, and sea salt, PACt™ water may be another way to hydrate with extra cranberry benefits I’m not getting from my other liquids.

It’s tasty too! Of course I went straight for the cranberry raspberry flavor, but they’re all pretty good. They may almost be a little too sweet for me now that I’ve cut back, but they have far less sugar than so many other “healthy” options. They have a slightly tart, yet a refreshingly robust fruity taste with a PUNCH!

This year I vowed to be more conscious of my health; mind, body, & spirit, and so far, I’ve met most of my goals, but I know I can be Even Better. I meditate, hike or walk almost every day, stretch and eat healthier than ever, and the husband does too. In fact, he may be a few steps ahead of me in the healthy body department right now and I’m admittedly a little jealous. He has strength and willpower in fitness where I still want to rebel against it, but every day is a new start to make healthy choices and Ocean Spray PACt™ cranberry extract water is now stocked in our fridge… Though I’m pretty sure the husband has already confiscated all flavors we’ve got at the moment.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.46.23 PM

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A few fun facts…

• PACt™ is a new cranberry extract water from Ocean Spray that contains PACs, or proanthocyanidins – unique, powerful elements found deep inside cranberries, to help cleanse and purify your body better

• PACt™ cranberry extract water is sweetened naturally with only 10 calories per 16-ounce bottle.

• PACt™ cranberry extract water contains just seven ingredients including purified water, 80 milligrams of unique cranberry PACs, natural sweeteners like agave nectar, stevia, monkfruit extract, natural fruit

Easy Breezy Healthy Tips…


This tip is SO TRUE! Sometimes if I’m feeling munchy {mostly when I’m bored or procrastinating on a project}, I just guzzle some water or coconut water and instantly feel better and lose the hunger craving. Now I have another choice to add to the list.

Even Better

This is my favorite way to sneak in some extra fitness… I do butt flexes while driving or sitting too long at my desk, squats while brushing my teeth, and random dance parties when my favorite songs play. It’s a fun way to lighten the mood as well as get in a few more minutes of movement each day!

PACt Cranberry Water

• Look out for Ocean Spray PACt™ cranberry extract water in the water aisle at Target and all major retailers throughout California and Nevada. Beginning in 2015, PACt™ water will be available nationwide.

• Visit to learn more about PACt™ cranberry extract water and find a location near you.

Happy Healthy Living!

This post is brought to you by, all opinions are my own.

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