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Creating Backyard Escapes for Your Summer Soirées

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You know when you walk into a space and are immediately drawn to a certain area, and you just want to exist there for a moment in time because somehow the energy is calling out to you, begging you to experience it for just a while?

That’s the feeling I wanted to create when thinking about how to easily upgrade little corners of my backyard for summer, and I think I did just that.

Whether you’re setting up for a party, or just want to give your backyard a little personality and create a relaxing escape for these warm and fabulous summer nights, simply pulling elements from outdoors and in, will give you that cozy feeling that you and your guests just can’t wait to dive into.

My canvas hammock, with tassels hanging below, really set the mood for this little eclectic and colorful boho escape, and everybody loves a great hammock situation, but you can easily use chairs or a loveseat to create a similar vibe… It’s all in the details!

But don’t just stop at one, notice all the nooks in your backyard where you can create a few different enticing escapes for your summer parties… and when your guest are gone, it’s a perfect little retreat all for you.

Ecco Domani Wine Pinot Grigio 2

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio is perfection in the summer and was my inspiration for this particular backyard getaway theme. Its delicate floral and citrus aromas, with a hint of tropical fruit, is crisp and refreshing for any summer day or night, parties quaint or epic. It was easy to create a setting pulling floral accents and breezy textures to match the quality of the wine.

Since my pre-summer Ecco Domani cocktail recipe, I’ve been hooked on frozen fruit skewers, so I thought why not keep them on ice for sweet and healthy party treats that I already know taste great with the Pinot Grigio.

Ecco Domani Wine Pinot Grigio

Ecco Domani Wine Pinot Grigio  3

Creating Your Backyard Escapes…

Once you have your spot chosen, this backyard getaway upgrade is as easy as 1,2,3…4.

Choosing my location was based primarily on the two trees that were the perfect distance apart to hang a hammock on. I found a really easy hammock hanging system and within five minutes my hammock was up and ready to be decorated.

Next I brought my largest outdoor rug over and set it at an angle beneath my hammock.

Setting up a backyard boho hammock escape

Once I had my main rug in place, I grabbed my umbrella for a little extra shade and coziness, and my large pots to not only define the space, but to disguise my very large landscape tree light as well.

Finally, I dropped my leafy plants into the pots and had my base from which to work with. I grabbed my bright boho pillows and ottomans, throws with pouf tassels and string, and flower rugs from one of my guest bedrooms, for a fun and eclectic vibe bursting with color. These little details will all go back into the house when the party is over, but it’s far easier to pull from what you already have than to search for something new, AND it’s free, which is always a bonus.

Boho Backyard escape-1

For this space, I really couldn’t get enough TRIMS. Starting with the hammock’s pretty woven edges, which add a breezy boho vibe, I grabbed anything I could find with a pom or a tassel, in matching hues, and overlapped the goodness until I was happy with the desired look.

I disguised the very functional but very unattractive hammock straps with vintage crocheted table runners and tassels and tossed a few sheepskins to complete the look while adding a little more comfort to the hammock.

backyard escapes with ecco domani wine

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio_Backyard Party

Boho Backyard escape-hammock 5

Boho Backyard escape-Ecco Domani Wine_Pinot Grigio-3

Boho Backyard escape-hammock 4

backyard party inspiration

Ecco Domani_Backyard party

I couldn’t create a space without adding a little mood lighting and found these little white lights the perfect addition. They don’t get hot so you can hang them low and touching fabrics without worrying AND they resemble the pom pom trims I’ve got going on below.

At night, they’re just dreamy.

hammock at night 2

backyard getaway at night_hammock and lights

backyard hammock party

boho hammock

Don’t forget to enjoy it… because it’s the little things that upgrade every day!

Boho Backyard escape-hammock

backyard party with ecco domani  wine


Outfit: Lace Cutout Dress by One by Honey Punch // DIY Braided Choker and Bracelet // Suede Panama Hat // Butterfly Sunglasses by 3.1 Phillip Lim

Decor: boho hammock + hanging system // Azalea flower rugs // tassel pom throw // {similar} LOVE pillow // pom pom ottomans

Ecco Domani Wine ~ Pinot Grigio

Ecco Domani Wine_Love

Happy Summer!

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