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Cute Overload: Doggies and Delilah

cute dogs, cute babies, Two little munchkins sittin' on a rug. #pug #Delilah @the818 @scottyshanahan

Over the Summer I cut my hours back at the gallery to 2 days a week to slowly ease my way out before leaving for good at the end of the year. Doing so gave me a little extra time to relax during the week, a much needed break considering I work through the weekends usually. Since my mom watches my niece on Wednesdays for my sister in law, I try to kill two birds with one stone so to speak, and spend time with both my mom and Delilah at once. I can’t tell who enjoys my company more, though I’m guessing it’s my mom because she usually calls me the day of saying “Delilah keeps asking me if you’re coming over today” … sure mom 😉

Though the first two shots you see of Delilah were taken at my house, the rest are Instagram photos from my weekly visits at my mom’s over the Summer with Delilah George. She’s freakishly cute and smart and is turning 2 years old tomorrow and I can’t even believe how time flies. The way she screams my name & does a little dance when she sees me literally kills me. It’s so sweet and adorable, I die.

Since not everyone is on Instagram, I threw in a few recents of LeRoy and Bebop as well… just because I couldn’t resist.

Sneaky sneaky on the bed #LeRoy #Frenchie #frenchbulldog Walking in the tall grasses. #pug

Look who came to visit!! Hint: it's Delilah.

Look Ma! I touched my nose!! #bebop #pug Pthhhh #frenchbulldog #frenchie #tongue

Someone has expensive taste... hint: it's Delilah!

Oh Nooooooo... #LeRoy #frenchbulldog #Frenchie #MrBill Upside down, boy you turn me... #pug #dog #Bebop

Pool time with Delilah

I miss Summer already!

Giving me his best Stitch impression #LeRoy #Frenchbulldog #Frenchie Shy Bebop #pug

My brother with his daughter makes my heart melt #Delilah

Lovin’ up her daddy.

Serious about pest control... #LeRoy #Bebop #frenchbulldog #Frenchie #pug #dogs Oh Pug

Delilah said the phone's for me! It's her daddy. lol

Delilah says…

Happy Friday Lovecats


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