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DIY Open Back Sweater w/ Big Pins Inspired by Versace

DIY Versace Inspired  Big Pin  Back Sweater- full

A few months ago I stumbled upon a loose, oversized open back sweater with bows tied down the back and promptly put it on DIY to-do list… I saved it on my desktop for months but of course I can’t find the photo anywhere now and wonder why I didn’t add it to my DIY Ideas Pin Board? Moving on… I searched every thrift shop for a similar oversized sweater in which to recreate the look -but with no luck.

Recently though, while shopping with a friend at the local G.H. Bass&Co outlet store up here in the village {which has clothes and shoes}, I found this black high-low sweater with a zipper up the back on sale for $9 and rejoiced! I bought two in black and one in navy, just to have because it’s cute and flattering and priced right for any future DIYs.

But since I had already DIY’d an open back sweater with a bow, I thought why not get creative and think of something else that would also keep the sweater closed with a sexy back peek-through, but with an entirely different look than bows. First I thought buckles, like this streetstyle sweater I spotted at LeeOliveira’s Instagram but wasn’t entirely happy with that idea. It wasn’t until a random conversation with the husband a few nights ago, wherein I asked him if he remembered Elizabeth Hurley’s Versace big pin dress back in the ’90s when I was suddenly inspired to to the same. {Check out the modern version Versus Embellished Cady Dress Big Pin dress}

I used less pins… because I liked the simplicity, but you can use as many as you like!

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Versace Inspired Big Pin Back Sweater-1

* A sweater {for this exact look, you’ll need a black sweater with a medium knit that is thick enough to withstand a large pin – as in the pin post can go through the knit vs puncture it. it doesn’t have to be hi-low though}
* Scissors – Needle/Thread
* Gold skirt pins {I used 4 = 2 packs} Use as many as you like

* NOTE: if you choose to create bows down the back instead, select any ribbon {that doesn’t fray too much} and follow my DIY Bow Back Sweater tutorial {it’s easy!}


DIY Versace Inspired Big Pin Back Sweater-2

* Flip your sweater over so the back is face up and beginning at the neck, cut two inches of knit all the way down the center/back of your sweater.

Mine had a zipper, so it was easy to eyeball and cut away from each side. If you need to, grab a ruler and chalk/pencil to mark to be sure to cut a straight line.

DIY Versace Inspired Big safety Pin Back Sweater-4

* With the inside of your sweater face up, and beginning at the bottom or the top, fold your raw edge over once, then again, {on the inside} and pin in place.

DIY Versace Inspired Big Pin Back Sweater-5

* Continue all the way up the edge until you meet the other end, making sure to fold/pin equal amount all the way up.

DIY Versace Inspired Big Pin Back Sweater-6

* Grab your needle and thread and simply overstitch or hemstitch up the edge, carefully hiding your thread within the knit without pulling or gathering it. Keep your stitch loose, but tight enough to hold your sweater hem in place for the long haul.

DIY Versace Inspired Big Pin Back Sweater-7

* It should look something like this. You will see little pock marks where your stitches are, which is barely noticeable in person/while wearing it.

DIY Versace Inspired Big Pin Back Sweater-8

* Decide how many pins you want and how far to space them, make sure they’re all facing the same direction, and carefully pin one side to the other, sliding your pin post in between the knit and not through it, so as you don’t create a pull or break any of the yarns.


And… Voila!

DIY Versace Inspired Big Pin   sweater

cut off jean shorts_open back sweater

cut offs and a sweater+chanel boy bag

Notice how the sweater hangs naturally {straight} in the front… mine is a high/low… shorter in the front – longer in the back, so it has a natural swooping look which works really well with this project, but a regular sweater will be fine as well.

DIY Versace Inspired Big Pin  Back Sweater- back

diy pin back sweater

See me wearing it in outfit posts here, and here, and here… I wear it all the time actually 🙂 One of my favorite DIYS!

Have Fun!

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