Don’t Stop Believin’ Hold on to That Feelin’

me and pep on the boat

As I mentioned in my outfit post the other day, last Friday afternoon we met with our new friends at their dock and took their boat out for the evening. It was the first time we’d been “on” the lake since moving here last Christmas. And while the weather and water are almost warm enough to enjoy during the day, an evening out and especially “on” the water is still chilly, so we bundled up. However, our friends were in short sleeves, but I was so happy to not be freezing all night long, it was worth the winter sweater and neoprene pants.

It was an amazingly clear and mellow afternoon on the lake so we headed out…

lake arrowhead lake

kim in the boat readying the boat

Look at that gorgeous hair!

pep on the boat-day

And since it was so beautiful, we got a little tour of the lake and all the bays…

boat sunroof sun on the lake

water closeup lake arrowhead

There were amazingly beautiful homes along the lake, {and I took one million photos} but this one below was my favorite. It’s the only house on the lake that has a boat garage on the water. Isn’t it incredible?!

house on the lake-water garage for boat

Each weekend starting in May, Lake Arrowhead has Fri/Sat concerts at the Village at Center Stage. Some bands are new {or old} and original, but many are tribute bands. People arrive at ten in the morning to set their chairs on the lawn to save their place for the evening! We docked the boat at the Village, went up and grabbed some drinks and then headed over to watch the band LIGHTS: A JOURNEY TRIBUTE BAND and they were pretty amazing. The entire village was wall to wall people singing along with the band. It was packed! What we’ve learned with the warmer weather, is that people who live here full time and people who come to visit all LIKE TO PARTY. It’s just constant adult-time fun. There’s no other way to explain it really.

lake arrowhead on the boat in the water-sky boat docked at the village

After grabbing another drink, we managed to make our way up to the standing area just below the stage. Luckily at this point, the area was fairly open, as people were sitting behind us, but there were at least 20 nearby. I had my beer cup in my left hand and my iPhone in my right, high up taking photos. I decided it would be fun to take a video, turned my camera/phone horizontal up in the sky, brought my left hand up to assist and as I tried to use my hand, POURED HALF OF MY BEER ALL OVER MY FACE. Yeah, not joking. I did not know what or how it was happening, and luckily the foam skimmed my nose and the rest of the beverage hit mostly my upper lip and mouth, then down the front of my sweater, but as soon as I realized I WAS POURING MY DRINK ON MYSELF I could not stop laughing about it. Luckily I had a few tissues in my bag to wipe off my face, but they couldn’t wipe away the embarrassment. Man I wish I was a bystander watching myself, because it must have been so hilarious to see. Maybe someone was randomly recording at that moment and I’ll end up on Tosh. One can only hope 😉

journey tribute band-lights-lake arrowhead sunset-pink sky-tall pine trees

apologies for my loud singing along

full moon on the lake at the docks Lights reflecting on the water at night

It was an incredible full moon that night and though I took one million photos, none do it justice.

We said farewell to the Village, boarded the boat and took a slow ride in the dark home, with only the moonlight as our guide and the stars, and homes around the lake. It was really so beautiful and I was so excited about it, I sat in the back of the boat to experience it fully. It honestly feels like we live in a real-world Disneyland… and on this ride home specifically, like we were in the pretty part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, before it gets scary. The music was on, everyone was chatting and I couldn’t stop smiling. I didn’t think I could have as much fun as we had that night ever again in my life. And it seems so small really, but this cynical person lost hope in little things like that many years ago, and I was almost brought to tears with joy feeling so alive again.

me at the back of the boat at night

sunroof boat night boat docked at night

It was rather foggy so the sunroof made the perfect prom-like end to an evening. We parked back at their dock and then slowly made our way back home for the evening.

pep at the dock at night

I feel so blessed and so lucky to get to live such a beautiful life again.

Life really is a journey. You can change your destiny. Don’t stop believing.

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  • Gina

    May 30, 2013 |

    So glad you’re loving it up here! Summer time on the mountain is honestly the best…The 4th of July is my favorite! Have you guys had a chance to check out some of the local hiking spots up here yet?

  • Kim

    May 30, 2013 |

    It sounds like an amazing night!

    This might just prove how introverted I am, but I’d love to hear about how you and your husband are making friends in a new town! I feel like it’s so much harder to meet people once college is over and moving to a new city entirely must make it that much more difficult! Anyway, just a post idea for you. 🙂

  • CodeOverdressed

    May 30, 2013 |

    What an amazing night you guys had! Sounds and looks like it was so much fun, even that little beer incident made the night super fun! It’s been so nice to watch/read the whole moving process, and I’m glad you guys are adapting and enjoying the new place!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  • ma

    May 30, 2013 |

    What a lovely and magical evening! I miss Lake Erie (western NY) and look forward to visiting my hometown when I can. I am sad today, my precious pet had to be euthanized..**tears**

  • Anonymous

    May 31, 2013 |

    Ma: So sorry about your pet………Maegan, not meaning to e a ‘fuddy-duddy’, but always wear your life jacket when in a boat. Just sayin’……….so glad you are very happy with wonderful friends. Life can be better elsewhere (as at Lake Arrowhead, so never give up and ‘move’ (pun intended) forward in life …..

  • Anonymous

    May 31, 2013 |

    Thats great! Glad you are enjoying your new home!

  • Mariana

    May 31, 2013 |

    I’m happy to see you happy!you truly deserve it.keep spreading all that joy and love! thank you for the daily inspiration!

  • thankfifi

    June 11, 2013 |

    such a beautiful story


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