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Easy T-Shirt DIY: Cut Out Back

I love a great t-shirt DIY and this one is extremely simple! As shown above, you can wear it two different ways… the first is simply sliced {and reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Lucio Fontana} and the second style, by creating pseudo-bows out of each sliced section. You can choose to wear nothing underneath or wear an alternating colored t-shirt or tank top to show through. A lace tank would be really pretty as well… and a little 80’s Madonna-esque.

What You’ll Need…

* A crew neck t-shirt. I went with a more fitted T but it would also work well on an oversized shirt.
* Scissors
* Lace or trim {optional}
* Needle/Thread


* Carefully cut out your “crew neck”.

* Flip your shirt over and lay it flat. I eyeballed mine but I basically created about 3″ sections that extended a little bit beyond each of my shoulder blades, or about 2-1/2inches from the side seams.

* You can measure it out, or if you have a steady hand, carefully cut 4 straight and parallel lines or slits down your back.

NOTE: To get your cut edges to curl a little, use your hands to carefully stretch out your slits.

Wear it like this…

or create “bows” down the back…

* Depending on the number of sections you have, cut 1-1/2″ sections of your lace or trim. You can also use the leftover “neck” you removed earlier. I had 5 sections.

* Wrap your trim around the center of your section, creating a bow, overlap the edges and hand stitch it together. ** Do NOT stitch it to your shirt.

And wear it like this…

A white T with a pop of different hued neon trim down the back would be the sort of of the moment trend and a fun option for Summer… but a nautical themed version would be adorable too!

Have Fun!


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