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Face Mask, But Make it Fashion! Bejeweled Masks by Christian Siriano

Bejeweled face masks by Christian Siriano - DIY inspiration

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that secretly I’ve been wanting to make fabulously bejeweled face masks in these last few months… and I’d be telling the truth if I told you that the only reason I haven’t is because my sewing machine is broken and I haven’t learned how to use my serger yet, even though now is probably the best time TO learn how to use it. I know, I know…

I’m sure I could buy a few solid colored base masks and just bejewel them or come up with another no-sew or simple hand-stitch mask and bejewel that, but they’d be purely decorative and just for fun probably, though they’d at least be as protective as a bandana mask, right?

Well maybe one day I’ll get around to doing it and I’ll use these fabulous Christian Siriano masks as DIY inspiration because WOAH! They ARE STUNNING! I mean, for face masks, anyway. What IS this world we are living in?

fashion face masks, bejeweled face masks by Christian Siriano - DIY inspiration

fashion face masks, bejeweled face masks by Christian Siriano - DIY inspiration

fashion face masks, bejeweled face masks by Christian Siriano - DIY inspiration

For the past few months Christian Siriano and his team (as well as many other designers) have been making masks and donating them to local hospitals for first responders, which is pretty amazing for a few reasons… A. hospitals need the masks and B. he’s able to keep his staff and pay his employees during this time when nearly all businesses have shut down!

While I think he’s been designing the one-ofs seen above just for fun or maybe even for clients or couture custom orders, NOW, Christian has designed a limited edition collection of three different truly fabulous bejeweled face masks with all proceeds funding his mask project. They are one of a kind and made to order and as his disclaimer states “they are decorative only, not medical grade or a replacement for N95 masks and not approved by the FDA or NIOSH”.

I think at this point, masks may start becoming collectible accessories, like sunglasses maybe… it’s possible. I mean, we’ll have to have options to match our outfits, and masks for special occasions and simple, functional masks 😉

But also, I really hope not because I hate actually wearing masks 🙁

fabulous fashion masks by christian soriano

The black golden petal mask and pink bejeweled masks are $595 and the white pearl encrusted mask is $585… which yes, is expensive, but fashion is expensive and it’s basically a donation, so I can get behind that.

However, I will probably end up making my own… if I ever get my sewing machine working, that is 🙂

All images from and his Instagram @csiriano

Happy “Making the Best of this weird situation” Day!

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