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Very few of us can afford an Hermès Birkin Bag, or any Hermes bag for that matter …and some, even if they could, wouldn’t spend their savings on one. But there are a few adorable little Hermes items that are attainable. And even if they are ridiculously useless, the Hermes name just exudes a luxurious lifestyle. But if nothing else, they make the perfect gift for that ridiculously difficult person to buy for. {We often get Hermes silk ties $185 for the boss who has everything}

So I give you my Under $300 Hermes Shopping Guide.

hermes under $300  -numbered

* 1. Set of two decks of Hermes Poker playing cards with silvered-edges $85 …yes you can get decks of cards for pennies in Vegas …but 2 decks for $85, now that’s a steal! I kid …but I am deeply in love with these playing cards …just look at the amazing box they come in!
* 2. One Continental Porcelain Mug $120 …I suppose if you asked for one a year for your birthday, for the next 8 years you’d have a set!
* 3. Mini Bolide ~ Hermes mini travel case in fuschia $255 …though I wouldn’t dare chance spilling any “travel” items in this adorable little case and at 8.3″ x 5.7″ I’d probably use it as a clutch.
* 4. Elephant lock, gold plated (1.25″ x 1.25″) $290 …these are a bit more pricey but just too silly & fab not to include.
* 5. Scented drawer liners $45 …box of 5
* 6. Hermes Tout en Carré $160 Now THIS, I love. Description: Set of 10 paper notebooks presented in an Hermes archival box. Nine notebooks are printed with a special design that, when layed together in the right order, create a beautiful Hermes scarf pattern! The tenth notebook holds the key to the puzzle. ….would be such a cute addition to any office!

hermes under $300  - numbered

* 7. Les 4 Mondes coloring book, for kids and adults $135 …fun to color, fun to display! I wouldn’t let a kid near it though.
* 8. O Galop ~ Hermes baby hat in pink with embroidered rocking horse $125 …For the baby who has everything before it’s born! It’s cashmere and it’s good from birth to 2 years. That’s a selling point, right? {comes in aqua too}
* 9. Pegasus lock, gold plated (1.25″ x 1.25″) $235
* 10. PM Yachting beach towel in orange/beige $180 …though I’d never let this Hermes signature orange beach towel see an ounce of fade-inducing sunlight, I may consider tossing it over the arm of a chair? …or to be unused in a guest bathroom. The Hermes Beach Mat at 15.75″ x 55.12″, would make a fantastic little picnic blanket for $95
* 11. Jumbo necklace in Natural Leather $270 …this is a bit more pricey but a nice piece of classic & timeless jewelry.
* 12. Hermes Ox horn Comb with orange case in aniline goatskin. $220 …okay, okay, this glorious comb is actually meant for a horse but, I mean, my hair is thick and I use horse shampoo & conditioner …so …I”m thinkin’, why not?

Obviously Hermes is also known for their amazingly beautifully luxurious silk scarves …but the $305 least expensive was over my $300 cap for being “Hermes attainable” 😉



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