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Black & White Inkblot Nails // DIY Rorschach Nail Art Manicure

inkblot nails - black  and white manicure

I’m in love with this Rorschach Inkblot manicure. It spawned simply from wanting black and white nails without using polka dots or stripes. That was it really. But after I thought of it, I was perplexed at how to achieve the look without just free-handing it. So I kind of incorporated both. Obviously it can be recreated with any two contrasting colors and look great, but I love the high contrast black and white right now. Careful making your designs too wide though… it could go “cow” really easily 😉

What You’ll Need…

sephora opi nail  polishes

* Sephora by OPI “A-ha! Moment”
* OPI Siberian Nightsalmost black
* Essie ~ Good to Go top coat
* Painter’s tape & scissors

inkblot rorschach nails manicure diy

* Rip a piece of painter’s tape about an inch long. Carefully fold it in half, leaving the top apart and cut a small design into your folded edge. Think about a heart… you cut half a hear on a folded piece of paper then open it and you get a perfectly proportioned heart. This is the same.

inkblot nails - black and white manicure DIY

* I created about 10 different designs. ** My best designs were of three different sized shapes a bit apart {see the one with the heart below?}. Then I easily connected the shapes with a dot of polish in between… those came out the most inkblotty.

inkblot rorschach nails manicure diy 2

* After applying a few coats of your white or base polish and allowing it to dry, adhere your tape design over your nail and carefully paint your darker shade over it.

inkblot rorschach nails manicure diy 5

* Only allow it to set for a few seconds, then carefully pull your tape off. You don’t really want your design to be perfect.

inkblot nails - black and white manicure DIY 8

* To give them a bit more depth, I dotted on more polish, trying to mimic an inkblot & some symmetry on either side.

inkblot rorschach nails manicure

* You can skip the tape step if you think you can free-hand it… though I liked using it as a base design and working from it rather than starting from scratch.


Rorschach inkblot  nails  manicure

Rorschach inkblot nails manicure-black and white nails

Have Fun!

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