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Mirror Mirror On The Wall… My Favorite Arched Floor Mirrors

If you follow decor trends or well, mostly Instagram trends maybe, you’ll know that the mirror above is all the rage right now… and actually has been for the last few years or so based on how many bloggers and influencers have it in their homes and shoot it on the regular. It’s called the Gleaming Primrose Mirror and it’s beautiful. It’s available in three or maybe even four sizes and it’s from Anthropologie and it’s not cheap. The smallest vanity sized mirror is about $500 and it goes up by size.

This is the first mirror I thought of when I was thinking about my wood plank wall in my new a-frame office… the shape is perfect for it and at over 5′, it’s the widest mirror I could find. I wanted to create an arched walkway look that made the room feel larger. The wood planked area is almost 7′ tall by 8′ wide, and a narrow mirror just wouldn’t have given me the look I was going for. I wanted a mirror to be at very least 4′ wide (with frame was fine) to take up about half of the space of the wood wall… but the wider the better.

When the largest primrose mirror was sold out (it’s available again now), it was a blessing because A. it was expensive and B. I really worried about shipping and breakage, so I started thinking about other floor mirror options and decided a more contemporary ’80s simple arched mirror would be better. However, when searching for arched mirrors, I couldn’t find one larger than 21-24″ wide, but I was determined…

I finally found the perfect 2-3 piece arched mirror set from Ballard Designs and loved the idea of it taking up up most of the wall space to make it feel larger, though if I went with a 2 piece set, I would have had a seam down the center, but I would have lived with it because it would have been the perfect width and I could have even gone bigger, making the entire wall a mirror but they’re sold out of all the pieces except for the right side. Which makes no sense, but it’s the truth.

So then I got to thinking… WHAT IF I could find an old closet sliding door mirror (because some of them are REALLY perfectly WIDE) and had Chad build me a frame around it? This would not only be the most affordable version, not to mention the biggest mirror I could get my hands on AND I could share a DIY here helping anyone also looking for a large mirror who doesn’t want to spend a fortune.

So I went to the local dump on the mountain on the way to Running Springs because I’d heard there was a store up there which had some pretty great treasures… but when I went they were closed for three weeks due to COVId.

I was a bit disheartened, but not entirely done with my mirror hunt. So I stopped by my favorite mountain thrift shop on the way home (which I had literally been to about a week before searching for a mirror) and low and behold, right when I walked in, I spotted a 7′ x 4′ vintage mirror with an ornate wood frame for $250 and I was sold.

I already told the story in my last post, so I’ll spare you, but for $250 it was perfect and I forgot all about my arched mirror dreams because I had found an alternative and I’ve magically turned it into an antique gold masterpiece. The only issue I have with it is that the gold now sort of blends with the color of the wood planks and now I want to do something with that wall.

Maybe I could paint something artsy like this Art Decor Mural wall paper

Or maybe something abstract like this from etsy

abstract art

Or maybe I’ll do nothing at all. I dunno. I have to finish decorating the space and live with it for a moment before deciding. But until then, here are a few more mirrors I had my eye on before finding my treasure.

In the early stages I kept finding mirrors I loved but that weren’t big enough so I thought maybe I’d just do a gallery wall and hang a bunch of smaller and different sized mirrors. Though I like the look, it wasn’t really what I was going for and I wanted to be able to shoot outfits in the space as well, which little mirrors wouldn’t have been able to accommodate.

The Gleaming Primrose Mirrors in all sizes // Anthropologie

large arched floor mirror

Halcyon Gild Tall Arched Floor Mirror // Shades of Light

Arched floor mirror // The Home Depot – also, this mirror looked larger than it actually was, I think it was just under 3′ and it’s sold out now.

arched floor mirrors

Selene floor mirror // Urban Outfitters

Spaulding Mirror // Croft House

large entry mirror with gold frame and bench

While the mirror above is larger than mine, it’s the look I ended up with. I’ll be sharing more of it soon but you can see it in my last post (though the photos aren’t that great) and on my instagram reels where I did a quick little makeover video.

Sources: First image and mirror gallery wall from Casa Hause

Happy Thursday Lovecats!

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