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What I’m Wearing…

* Shiny leggings from American Apparel I think… also seen here a few years ago
* Ivory sweaterthis sweater is in my cart right now. I need new sweaters desperately! And I like when they’re on sale 🙂
* Faux fur dusty rose coat by BB Dakota… this coat looks very similar in color and shape and it’s on sale. I got mine a few seasons ago and have been wearing like crazy this winter. Also seen here last week and here last year
* Lieutenant’s hat… feels a like a few seasons ago, but I liked the look with this and I dunno if I can jump on the bucket hat trend again. I actually still have a few from years ago. Maybe I should take them out and play around with them… now they remind me of Emily in Paris, who’s style wasn’t my favorite, though Camille’s style was SUPERB!! I actually really liked that show, lol.
* Marc Jacobs pillow bag – sold out now in black, but they have other colors and a mini version that’s pretty cute. This Rebecca Minkoff is kind of similar… and THIS ONE is really cute and much more affordable! I still love the size of this bag but I’ve been using my LV Neverfull in addition to it to carry all my things to and from my office.
* Serena faux fur lined docs… I’ll be wearing these ore my brown ones until winter is over – they have burgundy now with black fur lining AND black with leopard fur that shows on the tongue. Too cute!
* Barton Perreira sunglasses… these are kind of similar by Prada and super cute!

* Title: Janet Jackson – When I Think Of You… feelin’ those ’80s hits lately 🙂

Here’s the latest updated look at the exterior of my little a-frame office and while I did repaint the exterior and hang curtains in the upstairs windows to hide all the funk, it doesn’t look much different now than when I first signed the lease. And looking back, I wonder if all the funk in the upstairs window added a kind of cute-quirkiness that is gone now… I dunno.

Since it’s still winter, I’m not going to do much more until spring when I plan to get plants and lights up around the sign and maybe even paint something on the sign. I thought of painting …love, Maegan but then I thought maybe just painting my motto “live the life you love” and then they both felt cheesy so now I’m not sure what I’ll do. And it’s not a shop, so I don’t want to mislead people driving by, so again, I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. Maybe I’ll just cover it in greenery? Either way, I’m waiting until it gets a little warmer and isn’t all going to get demolished by the next snow, so… to be continued I guess.

Here’s a little peek at my sitting area in my new office through the mirror’s reflection. I’m still waiting on my chandelier/ceiling fixture to arrive and I need to finish decorating the area as well, but I’m so happy with this mirror I found, I could scream!

Originally I wanted an arched mirror because I knew I’d be leaving this random wood plank wall as-is to keep a tiny mountain touch in the space, considering I am in the mountains, and to sort of make it feel like an arched opening or doorway, but when I went searching for arched mirrors, I couldn’t find a simple one that was wide enough. They’re all super skinny, and that wasn’t the look I was going for.

Then of course, there’s the Anthropologie Primrose mirror, which is gorgeous, but would have been well over $1500 not including shipping, and then of course it would have had to be shipped and then of course there’s the chance of it breaking and I didn’t want to deal with any of that. Also, everyone has that mirror and I didn’t want it to eventually look dated.

I then found a pretty wide mirror at a local store that was also about $1500 and I just couldn’t fathom spending that much on something I wasn’t IN LOVE with.

So then I thought why not find old mirrored closet doors (because they’re usually really wide and I figured I could find them cheaply) and have Chad build a frame around them and do a full DIY on it. So I went to the local mountain dump because they have a store there as well that I’ve heard has some great finds, but they were closed due to COVId. On my way home I stopped at my FAVORITE thrift shop on this mountain, the Cedar Glen Resale Boutique (The Boys and Girls Club – one that I have purchased from and donated to many times) and walked in and saw THIS MIRROR and immediately yelled IS THIS STILL FOR SALE!?!? I’LL TAKE IT!

The frame was a sort of dark reddish black stain but the price was $250, which is what I would have spent on the DIY version and this one was already done, so I called Chad, who happened to be right up the street with his work truck and he stopped by and loaded it up for me and we brought it to my office. A few days later I DIY’d it gold… I’d say I painted it, but I didn’t. I thought spray paint would work but then remembered I had something better that really gives it an antique look. I just shared a reel on Instagram on the quick how-to if you want to see it, but once I finish this room and get my pendant light installed, I’ll also share the DIY process just to document it here as well.

I am so excited to be working here every day it’s crazy!

Also I must note to not park in my driveway next time I shoot photos in front of my office as to not get the car reflection in the windows.


Happy Hump Day Lovecats!

…Um and happy inauguration day? We’ll see 🙂

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