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My Happy Place Makeover for Mom w/ Cocoon by Sealy Mattress

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At the end of March I surprised my mom and stepdad with a brand new mattress by Tempur Sealy, which they desperately needed. It was the Cocoon by Sealy mattress and it ARRIVED IN A BOX… YES, A BOX! We were all basically stunned and amazed that a Cal-King mattress could not only fit in a box that we could almost wrap our arms around, but that it would magically unfold before our eyes into an amazingly soft yet firm, superior quality mattress.

Seriously though, if you didn’t see my first post with the before and after mattress in a box situation, you must click through and check it out NOW!

Cocoon by Sealy mattress in a box review

The Coccoon by Sealy mattress is finished with a sateen quilted cover and gray sides, which gives it a really clean and sleek look, but most importantly, it’s really comfortable and a dream to sleep on.

My mom & stepdad have been sleeping on their new mattress for a little over a month now, and have raved to me about how amazing it is to sleep on, at least once a week since. They say that not only do they sleep better, but they have fewer aches and pains because of it as well. That’s a win-win in my book!

The new mattress was only part of my collaboration with Sealy though; I promised to go back to their house and create “A Happy Place” for them to escape into and find rest and relaxation in, which of course, was the fun part for me!

My Happy Place_Beachy Lakeside bedroom makeover_01

Since they moved into their new house late last fall, my mom and stepdad hadn’t really decided what to do in their master bedroom. They had a matching bedroom set {which we almost painted white, but decided to leave original} but mismatched brightly colored bedding and a few beachy photographs hung on nails left by the previous owners.

Annnd, since you KNOW I love a great beachy-vacation inspired room, I thought why not go with the theme they already were leaning towards too, but take it up a notch?

My goal was to give them a full room makeover without really spending a dime, which is when I remembered that I had leftover gift cards from working with Ross last year that I hadn’t spent. I had no idea how much I had available to spend on the cards when I picked up my mom and drove down the mountain to the nearest store, determined to find everything we needed for her new happy place.

Bedroom makeover BEFORE-AFTER

Their bedroom space is obviously a fantastic starting point. It has a great beamed ceiling and similar character throughout. It’s large enough in size, while still remaining cozy, and while it isn’t overly bright, the sliding glass door allows more than enough light to filter in, IF all the other elements I was to implement were in place.

beachy bedroom makeover_5

I thought I’d focus on bedding to set the tone, so my first mission was to find a bright and bold blue and white duvet set as a backdrop for the entire space. Since my mom likes a little more color than I do in her home, I thought I’d pull some of the shades they were already using to offset and complement the blue and white. I headed straight for the bedding though, because I knew that would pack the most punch and immediately found the duvet set I was looking for.

I think I squealed when I saw it from afar and ran right to it because it was exactly what I was looking for. It’s not only reversible, so they can flip it if they want to switch it up a little, but I knew the bright white background with bold blue designs would really brighten up their room and was the perfect starting point for their makeover. The set also included sheets in a similar print, and all for under $60.

Bedroom makeover 2

Next I headed for the decorative pillows and found the perfect aqua and coral shades to compliment the bold blue and white and add to that vacation vibe I wanted. I knew they had a huge framed beachy art print that we could hang over the bed, but we wanted to create a bit of a headboard without really having to put in any heavy DIY work.

We walked through the pet section and I picked up a great dog bed in a matching coral hue with white print to toss on the floor for her Labs. But the next day we both decided that the dog beds would work even better as a mock headboard, so we went back and picked up a second one. Don’t laugh! They work really well, fit the Cal-king bed size perfectly, and were only $20 each!

breezy beachy bedroom 1

beachy bedroom makeover_6

We were set in the artwork department, but I wanted to grab a few matching mirrors to hang above each nightstand for a bit more symmetry. I found the cute wrought iron white starburst shapes which had a similar design to our coral mock headboard for $12 each. Using their own green lamps, we grabbed new shades in a crisp white cotton to liven them up and brighten up the space even more. While we were in the home accents section, we found two silver metallic seahorses and ocean-scented candles in aqua for the nightstands.

I knew I wanted to add some living greenery into the space, so I picked a few teal planter pots to flank the bed and nightstands and dropped plants my mom already had in her house into them.

We hit the register with an overflowing cart, cringing a little bit at what we had accumulated for her makeover, but everything rung up to just over $200 and I still had cash left over on my gift cards. Another huge win!

beachy bedroom makeover_3

To allow a little more light to shine though and into the room, we removed the heavy drapes that were already hung and replaced them with bright, white cotton panels with tabs along the top, for a breezy look and vacation feel.

I wanted just a little more excitement though, so I made cute tassel garland strands with yarn from the same blue ombre yarn I used in my beachy blue guest room tassels I tied along the bottom of my bamboo shades. I simply strung and draped the tassel garland through the tabs and rod and created a super cute look that just happens to be one of my favorite details in the space.

beachy bedroom makeover_2

DIY Tassel garland along the curtains

After I finished the quick makeover with mom, the wall closest to the slider felt a little empty but I noticed Barry had a few great hats that would fit the space fabulously and really give it that happy vacation feel. I popped a few nails in the wall, hung the hats, and called it a day.

beachy bedroom makeover_7

For the next few days I’d wake up in the morning to a text from my mom and stepdad about how much they loved their new space and how relaxing it was to spend time in. From going to bed early to waking up in the room in the mornings, they were just giddy about it.

My mom says she just walks into the room now for no reason at all just because she loves it so much and it makes her happy. And that was the best part for me, though shopping and decorating were pretty fun, being able to give my mom and stepdad not only a new mattress which they LOVE, but a whole new bedroom to call their own in their new house.

That makes me happy!

My Happy Place_Beachy Lakeside bedroom makeover_2

My Happy Place_Beachy Lakeside bedroom makeover_1

And they’re happy!

My Happy Place_Beachy Lakeside bedroom makeover_5

My Happy Place_Beachy Lakeside bedroom makeover_7

One more take-away for you!

Cocoon by Sealy is offering YOU GUYS a unique promotional code to use during your purchase on CocoonbySealy.com! Enter PROMO CODE: LOVEOFFER50 at checkout to receive a $50 cash gift card with purchase which will be sent to the email address that is associated with the mattress being delivered. Good through May 12, 2016 ~ May 31, 2016.

* This post is sponsored by Tempur Sealy for Coccoon by Sealy. All opinions are my own.

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