My InstaLife Recap | Week 6/16-6/22 in Photos

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cut out bikini summer bikinis
docks on the lake Diane Lane Under the Tuscan Sun

1. To be honest, I usually feel a little weird about posting bikini pics on my blog, but I think it may be difficult not to this year living on a lake and being so active in the water. I’m really excited about this push-up cut-out bikini from Victoria’s Secret I bought a few years ago because it’s great for paddle boarding.
2. My summer suit line-up… some are new, some are a few years old, some are 10 years old. Mixing and matching is fun.
3. Docks on the lake, through the trees.
4. Diane Lane’s best look in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun

paddle boarding, SUP striped blazer, floral tank
roxy riviera paddle board pretty duck

1. My first time out on the paddle board…
2. Outfit Post: Boyfriend Jeans + Stripes + Florals for work and for play.
3. The day we got our paddle boards… I just happened to find one that matched my dress perfectly, which is obviously a bonus 😉
4. Just a pretty lady duck, far from the water.

selfie, dark hair underneath red, white, and blue decor
sun through the tall trees red white and blue flags

1. Just noticing how dark my hair is on the under side… hopefully getting it done this week.
2. A little red, white, and blue decor in the house
3. Sun through the tall trees {we started morning walks, which are fabulous, but make it a bit difficult to get back to work when we return}
4. Pie in the sky… R,W,B flags at the marina…

dock on the lake white nails
selfie, face lisaho shoes

1. A lonely dock on the lake…
2. My obsession with white nails for Summer.
3. When I draw or paint faces, it’s always just one eye and hair covering the other like in this photo. I’ve never been able to illustrate the “other eye” correctly. It never looks right so I just don’t. #selfie
4. OMG these #SHOES #Regram from @elleaus via @lisahofashion

cute dock on the lake

Just the cutest little setup on a dock… wishing it belonged to us 🙂

Happy Sunday Lovecats!

Have a wonderful Summery day!


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