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My Weekly Instagram Photo Recap // 10/13-10/18 2014

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Last week I kind of took a break from Instagram and even wrote a little bit in my recap post about feeling blogging burnout hard. But I think the break did some good because suddenly I’ve had a rush of creativity and motivation and have had fun working on projects again.

I think once what you love becomes a job, you have to take a step back and re-evaluate it every now and again and remember why you started in the first place, revisit that passion that was once fueling your days and nights and every thought in between, and get back to YOU {or me, in this case} for a little freshness.

I took a step back and thought how gloomy life would be without my blog, and that it still can be something really enjoyable if I just get back to me.

Thank you for always reading {and for the comments last week}… they mean a lot to me. It’s nice to know you’re still there, on the other side, excited too.

feather home decor

I’ve been working on this semi-colossal project for the last three days… {yes, another feather project ;)} Thinking about it for some time now, I finally conceptualized it and made it happen. Full DIY and reveal later this week.

sleeping puppy in bed

Our dogs are absolutely spoiled rotten. But how can we resist the cuteness…? Even when they are stealing your pillow.

ripped jeans-plaid sweater

Most probably my winter go-to outfit until it’s too cold for rips! Last week’s Jumbo Plaid + Ripped Jeans outfit post.

pug in wheels with american flags

It was National Pug Day last week {um, what?} so I couldn’t resist raising the flags for Bebop… photo from our Patriotic 4th of July Pups

sushi+bruce lee

Our favorite sushi up on the mountain {ahem, the only sushi 7 days a week} which is actually pretty good if I must say so myself. We eat dinner pretty early, but it also means that we’re usually the only ones in the restaurant and we get the full creativity of the sushi chef. This was the Red Dragon roll and the husband just happened to be wearing his Bruce Lee shirt, which I thought complemented the shot #EnterTheDragon

snuggle puppies-frenchie brothers

A throwback Thursday of their tinniness.

tea and cookies

The weather is finally chilly and makes our afternoon hikes a breeze {well, not entirely, but so much better}. We’ve had fires every night and tea with these 3 ingredient cookies are the best.

blue-black and navy

Last week’s What Should I Wear For… A Professional Lunch outfit post.

french bulldog brothers

These Bobes are huge {Bobes or Bo-bos I think spawned from babies, but is what I refer to them when A. I can’t see them and so I don’t know who I’m referring to or B. when they’re both together}. I think they’re nearly at full capacity by now {9mos old} Though I think their chests may still spread out a little. Randy is still smaller than Trevor, by about 2-4lbs and 2-4inches as well. I just measured them for winter coats, which of course, were too small around the neck. I think I’ll just tailor them to fit because it’s really difficult finding Frenchie sizes. And yes, they totally need coats 😉


The obligatory pumpkin patch photo BECAUSE IT’S OCTOBER!!!

Happy Sunday Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!


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