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Pizza Day // Fig & Buratta Pizza Recipe


* Recipe by guest contributor Laney Schwartz, creator of Life is But a Dish

You know what today is? It’s Pizza Day!

Pizza Day has become one of my most favorite days of the month!

One, because of the obvious… PIZZA. And two, eating pizza in celebration of two fabulous people.

I’m totally loving this Fig & Buratta Pizza right now. It’s simple, a little sweet, a little creamy, and of course a lot crunchy. THAT CRUST!


Are you a crust person? Please say you’re a crust person. If you’re one of those people who leaves the crust, I’m not sure we can be friends. More importantly, are you a bubble person? I’m SO a bubble person. It’s the first thing I look for when I’m deciding which piece to grab!

Also, how obsessed am I with figs?! Very! They are perfect on top of this pizza!


Paired with that creamy buratta and sweet honey! To die for!


I hope you’re celebrating Pizza Day with me! And if you are, do yourself a favor and make this!


Happy Pizza Day!

Click through for the full recipe: Fig & Buratta Pizza


You can thank me later.

Laney Schwartz

Hi, I'm Laney! Home cook, mom, wife, workout junkie, and ultra crazy food lover! Creator of Life is but a Dish - a space where you will get a sneak peek into my world which mainly consists of food, family, and friends. Join me on this wonderful journey called life, one dish at a time. Find me on Instagram at lifeisbutadish

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