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casual fall style, jeans and a blazer, doc martens, blonde bob hair style

What I’m Wearing…

* vintage-inspired Jeans from AGolde (with a cute double pocket detail in the back) …also seen here in a full denim look
* ASTR the Label ARLO black and white check Blazer (it’s lined and thick and WARM) …also seen here with a summer sun dress
* Old grey cashmere turtleneck sweater
* Dr. Martens Serena boots (lined with faux fur) I have them in brown too because I love them. They’re warm and cozy for winter.
* Saint Laurent sunglasses (s/o -these are the most similar style) …more affordable styles in the shopping widget below
* Marc Jacobs bag (I’ve been using all year)

* Title: Matt Maeson – Put It On MeHung high and dry where no one can see… If there’s no one to blame, blame it on me I just heard this song on a show the other night and fell in love, it’s a few years old but so good… I think I was watching Virgin River season 2 and while it’s not The Queen’s Gambit, it’s cozy warm soapy show that’s easy to watch.

casual fall style-blonde bob-love maegan

My Nikon and iPhone take SUCH drastically different photos in so many ways and honestly I can’t decide which I like better. I still think the Nikon takes “prettier” pictures, but the iPhone camera takes way cooler images (iPhone shot above, Nikon shot below). So now, I use both, so I can get both vibes… and on top of it, my Nikon is pretty old now (almost 10 years) and still holding up really well. I’m also still using the iphone 8 because I can’t get on board with face ID on the new phones… as if my face isn’t all over the internet anyway, lol.. I had this convo in my Insta DMs a few days ago and it’s been on my mind ever since. Also, Christmas is coming and I’m wondering if I want to add a new iphone to my X-mas list, which currently consists of one thing only right now, so it would be advantageous, but it’s a lot to ask as a gift. I dunno. I’m on the fence, obviously.

casual fall style ideas, jeans and a blazer

casual fall style ideas, jeans and a blazer

casual fall style ideas, jeans and a blazer

casual fall style ideas, jeans and a blazer

A few weeks ago Chad and I were talking about installing a security system at my new office and Kangaroo reached out and offered me their Kangaroo Security Kit! I love how the universe works! This is not actually a sponsored post, they only asked for Instagram sharing, but I still had fun shooting at my office because technically this marks my first “job” there, even though the renovation is not quite complete. Still. Fun. AND now I have a little security system, so it’s a win/win.

We’re really so close to finishing… it’s a matter of a few more coats of floor stain and a sealant and I can start hanging my curtains and bringing my furniture in and DECORATING (all my decor inspo is on my Old World Meets Contemporary Pinterest board, if you’re interested). We still have the bathroom to finish, but at least I can actually get my desk and furniture in and start making it all pretty.

In the coming weeks I’ll be decorating and then I can finally share the before and after photos of the entire process because there aren’t really any “after” shots now, obviously… though you can see a few different spaces here in the photos.

The white room with the mirror selfie will be my project room where I do all my DIYs, etc. and the main room will have my desk and workspace along with a sitting area and lots of spaces to shoot pretty photos. I just cannot wait to get in there… I’ve been feeling my creativity surge lately and it’s super exciting!

casual fall style ideas, jeans and a blazer

casual fall style ideas, jeans and a blazer

The fence outside my office says La Oja Verde… and when I look up the translation it means The Green Leaf. However, it’s always shown as Hoja Verde online… Who can tell me what this means? lol Maybe whoever did it just spelled it wrong? I dunno, but I actually love it. It’s another sign from the universe, I swear. I don’t know how many times over the summer I mentioned to people (and by people, I mean, my mom) that I don’t like this side of the mountain as much as the other side (where I used to live) and when I buy again, I want to buy on that side because it’s more green and LEAFY, and then we always giggle because of the Phoebe “Friends” reference… Leafy… I WAS LOOKING FOR LEAFY 🙂

casual fall style ideas, jeans and a blazer

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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