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They Can Dance, We’ll Stay Home Instead

80s night in quarantine - birch tree wallpaper bathroom decor ideas

On April 7, 2018 we officially opened the doors to Dogwood Tavern, which made this past April 7th our 2 year anniversary. Last year, to commemorate and cel-e-brate good times we started a tradition by throwing our first annual 80s party, and this year we were planning an even better annual 80s bash… But instead, a global pandemic forced us to close, who could have predicted that? I mean, besides Bill Gates.

Anyway, since the 7th fell on a Tuesday, we had planned to throw our second annual 80s bash on Saturday the 4th but then there was that whole quarantined thing and all bars and restaurants shut down, so unfortunately well, you know, nothing happened.

But I wanted to celebrate the occasion… no, I NEEDED AN EXCUSE TO CELEBRATE SOMETHING because this quarantine has got me all kinds of emotional and feelings of guilt wash over me whenever I forget about this terrifying reality and have a little fun. But I was determined to have fun and so in the midst of wallpapering our guest bathroom, I mixed a few cocktails and Chad and I had our own little ’80s night and it was actually a really fun little escape.

Well, he wallpapered the bathroom while I mostly got in his way, but we had fun, I swear!

Excuse the photo quality… see it in real time – make sure you turn the sound on for the full ’80s experience!!!

Not one…

80s dress

Not two…

But three outfit changes!

Three fun dresses from the actual 80s that I just happened to have hanging in my closet along with the hair bows, which were mine and my mom’s from the 80s and don’t ask me why I still have these things not only in my possession but like ON HAND! Shoes and sunglasses are all new, but time-period appropriate 😉

The irony here is that Wallpaper Direct gave me this cool birch tree wallpaper to use in Dogwood Tavern’s restrooms way back in 2017, but we had a health code situation and decided to use FRP from floor to ceiling instead and for that reason, I have 8 rolls of this really cute paper that I’ve been dying to use.

The guest bathroom in this house is perfect for it. It’s got really high ceilings and big windows and is a really fun space so we painted three of the walls a charcoal grey (the same grey we used in the Master Bedroom side walls behind the bookshelves) when we moved in and left the one wall the original peachy brown color to remind us to wallpaper it.

It only took a global pandemic and 9 months of living in this house to finally get around to doing it.

And again, when I say “we” I really mean Chad… he did all the work. But I had all the fun 🙂

If you’re interested, you can see our entire 80s night and wallpaper progress before and during and after in real-time ridiculousness on my Instagram highlights under 80s Night.

Guest Bathroom “Before”…


In the next day or so I’ll post the entire guest bathroom makeover reveal when I get a moment to go through all the photos, but until then, you can get a glimpse of it in my DIY Feather Juju Hat with a Vintage Mirror I shared the other day or again, see it in real time on Instagram. I have to say, I love how it turned out.

80s night during the pandemic - birch tree wallpaper

Happy Quarantine Weekend Lovecats!

* Stay busy… but have a little fun
* Title: Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

DIY Eclectic Feather Juju Hat with Vintage Mirror

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