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Timeless Timepiece: Cartier Tank Watch

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Image sources: Jackie O wearing a Cartier Tank watch | Jennifer Aniston wearing a Cartier Tank Watch in “The Break-up” | Angelina Jolie wearing a Cartier Tank Watch | Princess Diana wearing a Cartier Tank Watch

I’m not sure exactly what it is but I’m always drawn more to the Tank style of watch {rectangle or square face} rather than the circular, or round faced watches. It may have something to do with symmetry, the fact that it all lines up with a sleeve and looks like a bracelet, OR the massive size of my wrists, but I’m partial to it always. This squared-off design held between two parallel brancards of the same width as the leather strap, spawned from jeweler Louis Cartier in 1919, who was of the first watchmakers to think in terms of style rather than function and workability in design. The name “Tank” was given to it later because it is said to have been inspired by a war machine & it’s industrial design. Its simple, classic, clean, straight, unadorned, classic design is timeless, thus always in style… however, very expensive.

* You can read more about the Cartier Tank Watch history here.

Cartier Tank Watch - rectangle square watches
There are over 40 different Cartier “Tank” watch styles {on the website alone}, including metal bands and casing, diamond embezzled, etc., but I’m focusing here on the gold casing Tank with a leather strap, with sapphire crown and hands. Not shown, but the least expensive is the Black leather Cartier Tank Watch with Silver casing at $2400. In the order you see above: Black leather with Gold case Cartier Tank $4100 | My favorite, the Brown strap with gold face Cartier Louis Tank Watch $8200 and the more expensive Louis Tank watch, the Extra large pink gold, chocolate leather strap at $20,300 {the most expensive models, retail at over $55,000}.

The big round man’s style gold and silver toned watches have been trending for the last couple of years, and they’re always a stylish option, but because of it, square & rectangle cased watches are hard to come by these days. However, I feel the trend beginning to shift with designers incorporating more of this style into their new collections, like the colorful Kate Spade watches at the bottom of this post. Because Cartier’s are so expensive, and because I love vintage, I always have my eyes on a few vintage Cartier Tank auctions but here are a few new alternatives “inspired by” the Cartier Tank Watch with the top section, the most obvious copies. Many are affordable, and a few are not. {I’ve flipped the Seiko for image purposes}

TANK style watches

1. Sartego Women’s SEN295R Toledo Leather Strap Quartz Watch $94.50
2. ESQ by Movado Men’s Gold-Plated Rectangle Case Brown Leather Watch $295
3. Seiko Women’s SXGN42 Black Leather Strap Watch $105
4. Bulova Men’s 97B41 White Dial Calendar Watch $95
5. Patek Philippe
6. French Connection Women’s Classic Square Ion-Plating Brown Leather Watch $109
7. Tiffany & Co. Leather tank watch $2200
8. Michael Kors ‘Bradley’ Leather Strap Watch $180
9. Citizen Men’s BW0072-07P Eco-Drive Gold-Tone Leather Watch $90

I have a few tank style metal watches {Burberry & D&G} and this white leather strap with gold case Kenneth Cole watch seen on my wrist below. {click here to see the full outfit post}.

braceletes-watches-seah-bangles-kenneth cole-gold tree branch bracelets with diamonds
kate spade tank watches
Adorable Kate Spade rectangle watches $195

And that concludes your fashion -shopping, style, and history report for the day 😉 Happy Friday!

Maegan Tintari

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  1. Those watches look so pretty! Actually, I’ll probably never own one myself. I’m to much in love with my cute little watch. My dad give it to my mum when he proposed. :o)

  2. loving the kate spade watches! i have a smaller round face silver tagg watch that i used to wear EVERY day but now that i’ve been wearing gold for the past 5 years, it seems so out of date. but it was a gift from my husband back when we were dating (and back when i used to get gifts like that…ha ha…after we got married those gifts have stopped)! have a great weekend!!!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  3. I love the Kate Spade watch! I was just saying that I need to expand my collection!

  4. I bought a beautiful Rolex a few years back but I hardly wear it (I KNOW I will lose it the same day I do)but I have a penchant for watches so I buy a few a year.

    I don’t really pay attention to the brand but rather the quality or the style of it. I’ve bought plenty of trendy items for very cheap knowing that they’re just a trend. I like to buy some timeless pieces every once in a while but while they do cost a pretty penny, I think of them as an “investment” (ahhh the reasoning….)

    Anyway, my “tank wannabe” is a Michael Kors that I bought in San Francisco last year. I’ve worn that baby down!


  5. great write up! i have had my eye on those new Kate Spade timepieces lately… so many great colors, going to need to make a decision soon

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m liking the Bulova Men’s watch. Thanks for the affordable options! Now we can all look stylish wearing a tank watch.

  7. Strangely, I’ve never considered a style tank watch. Now that I think about it though, the design really is classic and the band can easily be changed out/updated. A huge bonus over the style I usually go for.

  8. I love tank style watches, I have two and they are my most worn out of all my watches!


  9. Stephanie says:

    I love the tank watch style and have thought of saving for a Cartier watch, but the prices keep going up, and I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable wearing a watch that costs so much. The Seiko and Citizen look great. How do you feel about wearing a watch that is so close a copy? I generally don’t like fakes, but they aren’t purporting to be Cartier. I also saw the Citizen watch on the Citizen website in a “ladies” size.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It is very stylish and amazing watch for the actress.
    Slim vida

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hello Maegan, wish I had found this sooner. I must correct a minor detail in your blog post. Jennifer Aniston’s watch in “The Break-Up” is NOT a Cartier. It is a Chanel Mademoiselle. Hope you got your Tank, though.

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