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How toMake a Tassel Choker Necklace DIY

black tassel choker

I feel like I’ve DIY’d far too many chokers lately, but this one is just so fun I couldn’t help it. The tassel trim was from my DIY Tassel Curtains {originally in my old office/dressing room and NOW in my Reading Room} and this small pieces was all I had left, so I had to make it work. If if were a bit longer, my DIY would have been exactly the same as my Lace Choker DIY, finished with a frog closure, but since I didn’t have that option, I had to get crafty. With D-rings on the ends though, you can really choose anything to close it with. Below I showed it with a simple ribbon technique and a vintage plastic chain link I stole from another necklace, but a chain, leather lacing, or anything you can think of can be used instead. Aside from velcro, the easiest option would just be to use a frog fastener, and they’re so pretty too.

This doesn’t fall into my Fall Fashion DIY Hacks category but it does kind of all under “Interiors” if you consider this is upholstery trim 😉 {but also hints at Tom Ford}

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Tassel Choker_1

  • Tassel trim, the more detailed the better
  • Matching thread/needle/scissors
Closure of choice…
  • Frog closure for easiest, unless you just use velcro, then that, technically, is easiest, but not necessarily the most profesh looking.
  • D-rings if you’re going to follow my steps below
  • Ribbon or
  • Chain/Clasp – closure of choice



DIY Tassel Choker_2

If you have enough trim, measure the circumference of your neck and cut accordingly.

IF you’d prefer a frog closure, follow the easy steps from my Lace Choker DIY

Otherwise, loop the ends of your tassel trim through your D-Rings and stitch in place so your rings stay firmly in place.

DIY Tassel Choker_3

It will look like this.

From here, you can use any closure that will suffice.

A ribbon is the simplest… you thread it through both rings then back around and tie it in a pretty bow or knot. Leave your ends as long or as short as you like.

DIY Tassel Choker_4

With a ribbon…

DIY Tassel Choker_7

Use a chain by linking the ends to the the D-ring and applying a clasp closure on the opposite end. Let your chain hang as long as you like down the back of your neck.

DIY Tassel Choker_5

Using a vintage plastic chain link stolen from an old necklace…

DIY Tassel Choker_6


And… Voila!

DIY Tassel Choker _ lace top

DIY Tassel Choker_9

DIY Tassel Choker_lace top

DIY Tassel Choker_8

belted camel coat_tassel choker

Have Fun!

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