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Simple & Adorable DIY Baby & Kid Halloween Costume Ideas

cute baby costume ideas for halloween
cute baby costume ideas for halloween

If you’re looking for a simple Halloween costume for your little one, Primary has got you covered. Not only do they have the perfect basics in every color imaginable to make costuming easy peasy, they have this cute DIY Halloween page full of costume ideas you can make yourself if you follow their simple steps. I love that. I couldn’t help but share.

I’ve chosen a few of my faves below, but they have a handful of more cute costume ideas, and the title of each below, links to the DIY steps on their page where you can also find their colorful basics. Hoping to spark some creativity, of course 😉 You can find more on Primary’s Instagram as well.


Ice Cream Sunday

A: For the cherry on top: Cut out two identical cherry-shaped pieces from red felt. Hot glue the edges of the cherry pieces together, leaving an opening at top center. Allow to dry, then stuff with cotton balls or paper towels (or that old newspaper hanging around). Create the stem by rolling a square of green felt and glue the edge to secure it. Insert the stem into the opening left in the cherry and glue shut. Pin or sew the cherry to the top of the baby hat.

B: For the sprinkles: Cut strips of various colors of felt and roll tight. Use hot glue to secure the end of the felt in place. Next, attach the sprinkles to the babysuit and beanie with double-sided fabric tape. (TIP: Sewing and gluing directly to the baby suit are an option, but fabric tape allows the sprinkles to be removed and the babysuit to be worn again.)


Cotton Candy Baby

A: For the cotton candy body: Spread Polyester Fiber-Fill on a protected surface (great project for inside the garage!) and spray with silk flower spray paint in pink or blue. Allow to dry completely. Next, stuff a tight-fitting t-shirt with an old pillow to give you a good, upright form to work with. (This t-shirt will go over the PJs so that they are reusable!) Next, use an adhesive spray to attach the Fiber-Fill to the t-shirt. For best results, build up three layers of Fiber-Fill on top of the t-shirt, using adhesive spray in between each layer. Remember to reserve some extra Fiber-Fill for the hat. Once you have the desired amount of puff, use the spray paint again to give a final boost of color.

B: For the hat: Use a light-colored beanie hat as the base. Drape a long piece of silk ribbon over the beanie (with ends long enough to tie into a bow under the chin) and attach with adhesive spray. Roll thin cardstock into a tall cone and glue the end. Use hot glue, adhesive spray or double-sided fabric tape to attach the cone to the beanie at an angle. Finally, use adhesive spray to add puffs of the reserved painted Fiber-Fill around the base of the cone onto the beanie until you have a full, fluffy puff. Follow up with an extra spray of paint for any needed color boost.


’80s Aerobics Instructor

A: For the boombox: Cut out two identical rectangles from gray felt. Hot glue the edges of the rectangle pieces together, leaving an opening at top center. Allow to dry, then stuff with cotton balls, tissue or an old newspaper hanging around. Cut a boombox handle out of the same gray felt and tuck into the opening, then use hot glue to seal it in place. Cut two circles from black felt and two rectangles from white felt and a strip of light gray felt. Hot glue to the front of the boombox to create speakers and dial.

B: For the headband: Any soft headband will work here. Fun colors and patterns are the best!

C: For the legwarmers: Cut the feet off of old socks for instant baby leg warmers.

Pro tip: Make sure the baby pants are UNDER the babysuit for the full effect!



A: For the hat: Find sturdy paper the same color as your PJs and form a cone. Trim the top of the cone to create a blunt, flat top. Cut out a circle for the brim of the crayon and place it over the cone and trace cone in the center. Cut out the center circle, leaving a ring that will become the brim. In the opening of the cone, make a series of 1-inch cuts around the open edge of the cone and fold them outward to create tabs. Fit the brim ring over the top of the cone and attach the tabs to the brim using glue or tape. Cut a series of 1-inch strips of paper and join them to make one long strip. Wrap the strip around the brim of the hat and use a few pieces of masking tape to fit it snugly. Then glue the seam together and allow to dry completely before removing the tape. Finally, glue two ribbons (about 20 inches on each side of the brim) to tie under the neck.

B: For the anklets: Cut a zig-zag pattern out of a strip of black felt and attach to ankles using double-sided fabric tape.


The Cutest Little Strawberry

A: For the headpiece: Roll a square of green felt and glue in place to create the stem. Next, cut four large tear-drop shapes from the green felt, then use a drop of hot glue and pinch the bottoms together creating a leaf shape. Glue the leaves to the stem and then sew, glue or safety pin to the top of the baby hat.

B: For the leaf bib: Cut a bib shape from green felt then trim along the edge to create a series of leafy shapes. Create a series of gathers at the neck by using a drop of hot glue and pinching edges together.

C: For the seeds: Cut small tear-drop shapes from pink felt and attach to the babysuit with double-sided fabric tape.


Sweet Clown

A: For the hat: Glue a pom-pom on top of a simple paper party hat. Easy peasy.

B: For the collar: Use sturdy cardstock to fold into a fan and attach it to a paper collar, measured for the child’s neck. Secure the collar with sturdy tape or a paper clip.

C: For the clown suit: Use double-sided fabric tape to attach two or three big pom-poms down the torso.

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