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Something happens to me now when I know I have to or even when I want to write something… and by write something, I mean, write a long post, more than just a few words or a few paragraphs, and I procrastinate. I procrastinate because I know how long and focused and LONG it’s going to take and I procrastinate and I wait for that moment when I “feel like writing” because that moment does happen, or it used to anyway, often. But now that I spend my time as a writer on many occasions, thinking about the time that will have to go into it makes me avoid it. I’m sure this is true of every writer, maybe with the exception of Stephen King, but I think this is what “being a writer” is mostly about: avoiding writing.

The above is all just a long way to say that I’ve been meaning to write my trip to LA post for a week now… I’ve started it a few times and I’ve also started editing the photos from my trip as well but I haven’t finished either. I thought -well at least I’d get it done by Friday, but here it is and here it is not. I so look forward to my weekends these days, being out with new friends and enjoying moments in time more than enjoying time working. And because it’s been so long since that was a priority in my life, I’m giving into each and every moment and maybe, possibly working just a bit less {though maybe the work I AM doing has just changed a little bit too ;)} and as guilty as I feel about it sometimes, it’s also a really nice feeling.

So my LA post will come when I finish it but until then, I loved comparing these two photos of Trevor and Randy in our Reading Room from when they were puppies to now. SO this is my procrastination post and it’s almost noon. On Friday.

frenchie pups under the frenchie + pug portrait

bobes in the reading room

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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