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Earth Hour March 27th 2010, 8:30 pmWill you participate?

. . . we are.

earth hour 2010

Even if it seems as though many large corporations {and people who have stock in them} clearly don’t care much about the planet we live on unless there is money to be made, we as individual people do. And maybe if enough of us take a stance and try to reverse the harm we’ve done to the earth, we can make a difference. I believe that.

So, on Saturday night at 8:30pm, the husband and I {and any friends who may be visiting} will turn off our lights and televisions and computers and participate in Earth Hour 2010 …and maybe even go a little longer.

Last year after shutting everything down, we went outside and took a walk and tried to find others who agreed to darkness as well …feeling like we’re part of a global community trying to give a little back to the planet we take so much from, makes me a wee bit emotional. Will you do it too?

Click here to learn more about Earth Hour 2010 and Follow them on twitter for instant updates.


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