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Global Earth Hour : Tonight Will you Be in the Dark?


* Do it – canvas bag *

This will be our 3rd year participating in Earth Hour …and I’m just as excited today as I have been in years past.

In 2009, when the husband and I first heard about Earth Hour, we turned off everything in the house and at 8:30pm, we went out for a walk …enthusiastically hoping to find The Valley in the dark. We were quickly met with blinding disappointment in the form of lights. It seemed as if the only homes that were dark were the ones that were empty. Since this is such an easy and fun little event, I couldn’t imagine people not participating if they only knew about it.

It’s such an easy little way to say “hey, I care, I’m involved!” Last year we had visitors come by and give us a housewarming gift under candle light …which made it just a little bit more special!

This year, Earth Hour is asking what we’re all going to do beyond Earth Hour …and I wonder if they mean on top of driving a Prius, using only canvas bags at the grocery store {and any store for that matter}, eating organically, replacing all of our regular light bulbs with CFL bulbs or halogens, recycling, using non-toxic cleansing products like Method & 7th Generation. yes I’m bragging 😉 There’s always more to do though. like wish I had more time to devote to my first blog & eco company For instance, I’ve wanted to start/plant our own little garden & compost since we moved in last year but haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe I will make that a goal for Earth Day this year?

I LOVE watching Vegas turn off their lights! It almost makes me want to go to Vegas next year for Global Earth Hour …fun, right? It’s settled!

Earth Hour, was first started in Australia (2007) as a way to bring community together to acknowledge the importance of reducing consumption of earths natural resources. Turning off the lights for an hour helps us see the impact we have on the environment…

Go to Earth Hour for more info and to sign up! . . . but watch this first, if you want to get all emotional and stuff.

* Still unsure? …Read more about Earth Hour here


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