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Happy Christmas! This Year’s Flocked Christmas Tree Decor

flocked christmas tree_holiday home decor

I’m not sure how I got as many shots of this year’s tree as I did without actually getting a full photo from the ground-up BUT Ta-Daaaaa here is our tree this year… and while nearly every year we opt for a flocked tree because I love the way the faux snow looks all lit up, AND how it looks when there’s a pretty white layer of glistening snow outside too, THIS year our tree is FAKE.

That’s right, it’s a big fake flocked tree and I LOVE IT!

I honestly still can’t believe it. And while today is Christmas Eve and the tree would normally be drooping heavily by now, IT’S NOT! The tree is exactly how it was when we assembled it and will be exactly the same every year AND we didn’t have to cut down any trees or use any water AND that’s all pretty amazing I think. {NOTE: I think I’m so excited about it because growing up, the idea of having a fake tree in our house was a complete and total NO-NO! But I don’t care this tree is fabulous!}

It wasn’t cheap though, this tree is about 7-1/2″ feet tall and NOW retails for about $469 on Amazon and Joss & Main for $457 {and are less now because it’s closer to Christmas, so now is probably the better time to buy yours, if you are going to} BUT I happened to have a little credit left over at my favorite destination for home decor, Joss & Main {PSST! The orb lanterns are from Joss&Main too}, so our faux tree was about $211 total, which is basically how much we spend every year on a real tree and then deal with the droopy, pine-needle-flocked-mess all over everything, then watch it as it sits sadly on our curb for a week or so before it gets picked up.


This year I will simply disassemble it and pack it back up tidy in its box and unveil it again in a year from now. And that makes me pretty happy, I must admit. I look at it every day, shake my head, and exclaim I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT REAL. lol. That’s the truth.

I first realized how easy faux trees were when Michael’s sent me a little one a few years ago to decorate for their Christmas Tree Challenge. That little tree still exists and I set it up in our long upstairs hallway {which has had a few upgrades since that decor post}, but I love having a tree up there too AND I suppose I should have shot a few photos of that one, but I totally forgot… Actually, there are a few in my Pinterest Holiday Board w/Ecco Domani… and usually gets a burst of gold while our downstairs tree tends to stay in the whites and silvers, though this year I added blues, teals, aquas, and plums.

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starburst tree topper DIY with pipe cleaners

I’m still using my DIY Starburst Tree Topper made from pipe cleaners… it’s my favorite STILL. I actually have two of them up there, back to back, to fill it out a little more so you can see it bursting from a few angles. I made it in 2011 and though there are a few bends here and there, it still looks pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself 😉

FIND MY: DIY Starburst Tree Topper with pipe cleaners AND my DIY Geo Ornaments with pipe cleaners

flocked christmas tree with teal and silver ornaments

With a mix of vintage, new, handmade, and floral, I love the way the tree turned out this year!

FIND MY DIY Drippy Floral Christmas Tree Ornaments

Randy in front of the Christmas tree

flocked christmas tree_orb pendant lanterns

Trevor on the stool_Christmas tree

pretty christmas tree ornaments

Pretty ornaments from my Michael’s Dream Tree challenge

Vintage christmas ornaments

From my DIY Upgrading Vintage Christmas Ornaments

ombre pinecone ornament

Ombre teal and blue glitter pinecone ornaments from Cedar Station

handmade ginger bread house ornament

Delilah made me this of our house the first year we moved up here… which is sweet, but it made it up because it matched 😉

white christmas wrapping paper with ornaments

I was pretty excited to find this great white wrapping paper at Rite Aid and bought three rolls!

Trevor sniffing the tree

trevor randy xmas 2015

Happy Christmas Eve Lovecats! Be Merry & Bright!

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