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Happy Friday! Blog Thoughts + a Poll, an Award, and Completely Gratuitous …phew!

I was talking to the husband last night about my blog and he recommended I do an outfit post every day. To which I quickly responded “Well then I’m going to have to shop more!” ….to which he said WHAAAAAAAT?

Other excuses included:
“But I don’t look good every day” ….he said “So?”
“But I don’t want the blog to be completely about fashion” …he said “Post multiple times a day”
“But I don’t have time” …he said “Get to work an hour early and do it then”
to which I said WHAAAAAAAAT?

So I thought, what if I did do an outfit post every day …but instead of creating an entire post out of it, I made it my banner? You wouldn’t be able to leave comments on it but then I could continue to write a regular post that you could read if you wanted to …and then the readers who are only interested in the fashion posts could see a new one every day? I dunno …I would have to get up earlier and possibly shop more …but that doesn’t sound too bad 😉

Whadya think?

I’ve created a poll on the sidebar to get all of your lovely opinions and I guess I will base the results upon my findings.

All that said, I did snap a few shots of the outfit today ….but I didn’t have time to do my hair and just put it up wet. It was much more fabulous yesterday 😉 But who can have great hair every day?!?!?!

I’m kind of annoyed with the imac camera and the lighting in the gallery as well. Everything is coming out the wrong colors, fuzzy and too dark. For instance, the sweater and shoes are camel, the top is teal {not forest} and the jeans are indigo blue. All jewelry is gold or gold tones. What to do, what to do?

I bought this sweater at a thrift store a couple years ago and it was brand new and I loved it. It’s like a blanket. Just now I checked the tag on it to post it for you and it says Liz Lange. I have never heard of Liz Lange and googled it. Turns out they’re all MATERNITY clothes …lol. But I don’t care. I still love it! I love the length!

outfit: seen here

Camel Sweater: Liz Lange ~ thrift shop
Top: Teal, Forever 21
Jeans: Indigo, J Brand {Neiman’s}
Shoes: Boutique 58 ~ also seen here
Necklaces: 3 ~ Long owl chain ~ $6 ~little shop in Vegas, Brass chain, grandma’s, short gold and berry stone pendant, vintage ~ grandma’s as well. Chain seen here & here
Earrings: fake gold, Forever 21
Sunglasses: Tom Ford ~ seen in almost every post…lol.

On to my award 🙂

The lovely Trish @ Just a Little Something Something From Me gave me a little something something today …thanks Trish!

Requirements for accepting this award are that I must list five of my favorite addictions and then pass along the award to five other fabulous blogs.

My Five Favorite Addictions …

1. Peanut m&m’s …eaten daily at work.
2. Gossip Girl …omfgg
3. Cutting my split ends …obsessed once I start.
4. Reading blogs …it seems like I just click from one to the next and STILL I don’t get to everyone’s.
5. My Little Little

…and I’m passing it on to:

Ciao, Chessa!

Baking With Plath

Zucchero, Zucchero

I am Style-ish

love, shill

Songy @ Style Discovery

RiverMist Expressions

Leigh @ Create

Happy Friday Lovers!!!

*I’m thinking tomorrow I will do a little review on a new heated eyelash curler I got {thanks Felicia!} …also, don’t forget to vote on daily outfit posts ~ por favor.

Maegan Tintari

LA native & lifestyle blogger Maegan Tintari writes daily at ...love Maegan.com sharing beauty & style secrets, including fashion DIYs, how-to nail art manicures, hair tutorials, recipes & home decorating ideas, as well as a look into her personal life, her journey & battle with infertility & recent relocation to the mountains by a lake in search of a better life with her adorable French Bulldog brothers, Trevor and Randy.

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  1. thank you for the shout out, my dear! I loves it and I LOVES this blog.

    I will certainly vote on your poll but I can tell you right here that I like the multiple posts a day concept. It does not take that much longer than what you are already doing. You can write both and then save the other one for posting later…either way, it’s a fabulous idea. Some days I post more than once, as well. I find that it’s easier for organization and to file my posts too. Anyway, I love your style and find myself looking forward to it every day.

    As for your sweater. It’s beautiful. I love the color. Camel is every where this year. Incidentally, so many people are doing that wrap thing. I have a black one and a green one from BCBG and a lovely heather grey one from Banana. I wear it long like yours, tied, belted, etc.

    happy weekend, my dear and thanks again:)

  2. who cares if the ligthing tweeks the color of your clothes, it still make you look beautiful!!

  3. I would love to see a fashion post everyday. I do not have the fashion gene, but often wish I did.

    If you’re having an off day, maybe you can just get completely gratuitous about one item you are wearing… like shoes or accecories. Then you can keep posting the full on outfits twice a week. Just a thought…!

  4. I love seeing your outfits! I wish I had the energy to pull of a complete outfit like that. About once every couple weeks I can manage something good to wear to work – otherwise it’s pants and a shirt. Boring 🙂 Your posts remind me that even though I’m just at work, I can still dress up and have fun with it.

  5. I love seeing your outfits! I am so not stylish. so seeing other’s awesome clothes is kind of like porn for me. 😉

  6. Love the outfit, love the hair, love that your husband is so into the blog! I’m up for seeing more outfits, but don’t drive yourself crazy if you have an off day!

  7. I think the hair looks great today! Very messy chic.

  8. fab idea and a great blog! loving that green!

  9. That owl necklace is too cute!!!
    I wanted one very similar a few months back.
    You look gorgeous

  10. maegan! gosh, thanks so much for the award!!! and i dont think any of us would mind if you snapped your outfit every day 😉 have a great weekend!

  11. You’re always so stylish, I love the idea of the daily outfit post/multiple posts. The owl necklace is adorable.

  12. I would love to see more fashion posts and I will vote, but do not feel pressured.

    You could do a weekend layout for the week and shop for the missing outfit items, 😉 It will be such a fun challenge to see what you come up with by mixing it up with what you already have and adding that little extra shopping. he he.

    Thank you so much for the award:) so wonderful, you definitely are one of my favs hands down. I will try to update my blog this weekend too.

  13. sigh * you guys are awesome.

    Some great ideas too!!!!! love the weekend layout idea and also the spotlight on one item if I’m not feeling up to it …keep em coming.

  14. you always look haute.

    i love posting about my daily outfit. as a fashionista, it challenges me to step it up a day. as a writer, it’s helped my creativity – finding something remotely interesting to say every day isn’t easy. and as a woman, i think the discipline it’s given me has been great.

    that being said on jan. 1 i want to completely revamp my blog 😉

    adding you.


  15. Your welcome 🙂

  16. If I come to Cali will you take me shopping?? I love you.

  17. u’re super gorgeous.

  18. You are rocking that sweater! I have a similar one that I call my ‘Art Professor’ sweater. It’s very “Today we’re going to talk about mooooovement” don’t you think? 😀

  19. Thanks, Maegan for the fab award. Thank you for always commenting in my blog as well. Busy girl like you probably have better things to do! 🙂 Much appreciated.

    It seems like lots of people want to see you doing outfit posts. I’m easy either way. I think I’d like to see you doing outfit posts when you really feel like it. It’s your space you do what you want. That’s what I’d say.

  20. yay thanks for the award!
    I love your bling bling

  21. Well you have amazing style, girl! So you definitely should post everyday!!

    And ooh, that eyelash curler sounds very interesting!!! Please do tell more!

  22. You could have the worst hair day ever and still be hotter than me! You should totally post a picture of your outfit every day && buy more clothes! 😉 You could always just throw in a picture to that days post and not make a whole post about it.

  23. Doing your outfits in the banners sounds cool. It’ll challenge you to fit a certain format and to crop!

  24. Great blog. You look faboo great outfits and a daily outfit would be great. I guess living in LA you get to do a lot of shopping I’m jealous so so jealous. Looking forward to more outfits.


  25. I love the owl necklace! in the photo his eyes look like they are glowing.

    bundles of necklaces <333 i'm totally in love.


  26. I could use some help in this area. As long as its not lame to copy cat the outfits. Do it
    do it!

  27. Okay girl….if you are shopping and posting more, then I am shopping and spending more! Hmmm….doesn’t sound so bad to me either. 😉


  28. Your husband seems very sweet and supportive!
    Cool couple!

  29. you look great! i love the way you do your hair!

  30. I have a weird feeling that if you post more pictures of you at *work* that if and when your boss ever checks it out you are super fired…which will then give you lots of time to post fashion pics even if they would be of paper bags 🙂 I love your posts though mama, fashion ones or not.

  31. HAHA, Liz Lange is the maternity line at Target. I’ve been super tempted to buy it before, there’s some really cute stuff! And you MUST tell me how that eyelash curler works!

  32. You always look so amazing and stylish that I think you should do a fashion post everyday, even just with pictures and doing your writing in another ones.

    I love your cardigan and those necklaces all together too amazing.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend.


  33. I’m all for the daily outfit post!
    This looks great; love the color of the top and the tangle of necklaces.

  34. Love those black jeans–they look fab on you!

  35. I say outfit post everyday!!!
    You always look hot girl and who would have known you were not having a good hair day 🙂

  36. Too delightful that you’re wearing (rocking) Liz Lange! I didn’t wear maternity clothes when I *was* pregnant, but know that LL was a watershed in introducing cool, fitted clothes, sans bows and ruffles. (And before I knew who made it, I was wishing that I had a sweater like yours.) Rock on!

  37. gorgeous as always! i adore that wrap cardi

  38. outfit post everyday!! yay! 🙂

    I heart your little little! I just squealed when I clicked on the picture. awww!!

    And thanks for the award!

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