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Happy New Year! Cheers to 2015!

family snow shot

2014 began a little rough for us… LeRoy was sick and by the end of January, we had lost him. We were so incredibly heartbroken, we thought we’d never love again… as silly as that may sound. As the months passed slowly, our tears lessened and we brought these two puppies into our lives and have been overflowing with joy and love ever since. As much as we still miss LeRoy, it’s amazing how our human hearts can open and give and fill up again with love anew.

Since we don’t have children, our dogs make up a very big part of our lives, and we like it that way. Bebop will be 14 this year, and because of his age and all his issues, we thought it best to leave him in the warm house by the fire while these two puppies experienced snow for the first time. We weren’t sure how they’d react to the snow though… and while we initially thought Trevor wasn’t too into it, it was more the confusion of wearing the sweater that had him immobilized and jumping into my arms {when he wasn’t trying to eat all the snow in the land, of course}. The next time we took them out without sweaters, Trevor was loving it. Randy didn’t care either way and wanted to take off running on an adventure, as he always does.

My cousins drove up for a visit on Monday and got snowed in by Tuesday afternoon, so we’ve been making the most out of the snow and enjoying a little forced time off this week playing and staying cozy-warm in the house by the fire. So obviously, here are a ridiculous amount of photos of us and the dogs in the snow a few days ago 🙂

Some photos taken by me and the husband and some thanks to my cousin Kristie/RedLeePhotography

french bulldog in the snow-striped sweater

french bulldog in the snow


Randy in the snow

first snow

frenchie in the snow

holding trevor in the snow

snow frenchies

trevor eating the snow

in the snow with the dogs

Happy New Year Lovecats!

May 2015 be a fabulous new adventure, filled with excitement and laughter and so much love… Cheers to a healthy and happy New Year!


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