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How To Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger // Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Written by guest contributor Paisley Hansen

No matter the size of your kitchen, it seems that everyone is in need of more storage options. Everything from the clever use of cabinets, counter tops, to organizing every inch of space, and even door hardware will help to create a spacious and exciting kitchen for you and your family. Below are a few options that will help make your kitchen an easy place to store items that have been collected over the years as well as a functional space to do what you do best in the kitchen, cook delicious meals.

The Doors

Barn Doors in the kitchen

Using barn door hardware is a great way to make each space behind a door, easy to access. These hardware items make the doors easy to use, but they also allow for doors to open in a unique way. When the doors are properly positioned, each one can allow for more space to store items. Larger items can be slid into the cabinets more easily, and the items can be pulled out just as easily. Barn doors are perfect for pantries and adding valuable space to your kitchen.

The Organization Items


Most cabinets can be divided to allow for more storage with simple dividing blocks, allowing for all items to be kept separate and compartmentalized. This same principle can be applied to organizing the refrigerator, freezer, and fruit storage. Keep your herbs separate from your spices, and make sure smelly onions do not spoil sweet apples. Add special shelves to existing tall cupboards and cabinets to make use of the space and use baskets and bins to help separate your foods.

The Pantry

Pantry storage

There are many ways to organize your pantry, or create one if your kitchen lacks it. The key again, is organization. The pantry can be fit with many small doors or baskets to hold all the dry food items and even fitted with hardware for easy to access the baskets and bins. Keeping most of the items in these storage units and bins will help to change the way the pantry is used by allowing visual access making it easier to keep track of what you have and what you need.

The Counters


The kitchen counters can be a good place for storage if they are organized neatly and correctly. Utilize your counters by purchasing cute bread boxes, fruit baskets, and unique large bowls. If you have more counter space than cupboard space, leave your small appliances on the counter to make them easy to use and free up space for more unsightly items. If you organize the counters around the appliances, you will be able to navigate the kitchen easily.

The Lazy Susan

in-cabinet lazy susan

When a Lazy Susan is installed inside a cabinet, it can be used easily to store a number of items. The Lazy Susan turns easily, and it can keep items hidden when they are not needed. You can easily take care of a number of storage items in just a few cabinets. The Lazy Susan is an item that will fit in any large cabinet, is especially useful in a corner, and will save a large amount of space in the kitchen.

The Mobile Island


Instantly expand your kitchen’s work surface and storage area with a mobile kitchen island. Closed cupboards allow for hidden storage and clutter but an open shelving unit makes it easy to see and grab what you need in a glance. Mobile islands give you extra storage, utility and work space, and makes it easy to move or store when more space is needed.

If you have a free wall, think about a peg board display {as seen above} for additional storage for your pots and pans, cooking utensils, and even baking needs.

The Overhead Storage

Overhead Kitchen Storage Ideas

Overhead storage is not only functionional and super handy, it can add to your kitchen visually, giving it a country or industrial feel, without looking too cluttered. Use hanging baskets to store all your fruits and vegetables, and of course hang pots and pans at various lengths in most convenient corners.

When you want your kitchen to be an easy place to use, make sure to cover all the organization tips and storage options above. Each will change the way you cook, the way you use your kitchen and organize your home and space.

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