my style Summer 2010 Outfits

I am ready for the road less traveled

cardigan dressing+white skirt+brown accessories+wind blown+tom ford anouk sunglasses

tom ford anouk sunglasses+wind in hair+rachel roy earrings

tom ford anouk sunglasses+white skirt+peach tank+lamb sandals_sharp

wind blown+white skirt+vintage belt+louis vuitton speedy+lamb shoes+sharpac

louis vuitton speedy with rabbits foot+vintage carved leather belt

Lamb Sandals+louis vuitton speedy+white skirt+wind blown hair+tom ford anouk sunglasses

LAMB sandals+louis vuitton speedy+vintage belt+white skirt+tom ford sunglasses

What I’m Wearing
* Miguelina peach tank from GILTlast seen here
* Victoria’s Secret boyfriend v-neck sweater cut up the middle into a cardigan {yes this really works & you know this if you’re a long-time reader …it’s 85% silk & 15% cashmere and I sliced it from the v-neck down years ago and it hasn’t unraveled or frayed a bit since. I wash them in cold and sometime toss them in the dryer or line dry them. I say “them” because I’ve done it to 3 now. All with awesome results. I love the way they hang and clearly don’t need them for warmth or to button up but are perfect for work. …last seen here {I clearly wear this one the most …but here’s the navy one paired with a dress I just saw Eva Longoria wearing recently actually {and from when I used my iMac to shoot my photos & at work, hilarious!}
* White cutout/lace trim skirt …from a local Farmer’s Market a couple years ago. Tag says HiBiS Lace Works – Van Couver | Los Angeles …last seen here {wow, these old outfit posts are like a time machine. It takes a while to get you’re photos right …and I’m sure in another year, I’ll say the same about these}
* Vintage belt …I would have actually preferred this rad belt from ASOS {which I just bought} seen on Smile yesterday because I’m not 100% loving the one I’m wearing but it was the closest match
* L.A.M.B. studded sandals from GILT I absolutely love these heels but they are a bit high even for me …though if my ankle weren’t in need of a doctor’s visit, I’d be fine but since it’s so swollen, it’s hard for me to arch it right …I know, I know …I’m making doctor rounds
* Rachel Roy gold drop earrings …love these
* Tom Ford Sunglasses – Anouktom ford anouk sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses, brown sunglasses
* Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag
* Hair: waved {see video …no don’t, I need to make a new one} …and clipped with the perfect tiny hair clipsclose up here & later after I changed, lol
* Title : from Katy Perry “Who Am I Living For” …I obviously am addicted to Katy Perry’s new album. It’s really fantastic.

Of course as soon as I stepped outside to shoot a few outfit pics, the wind picked up and not only blew my hair directly into my lip gloss but puffed my blouse up like a loaf of baking bread. Awesome.

A word {or paragraph} about yesterdays post : I promised myself I would never apologize for my blog because well, it’s mine and if you aren’t interested then don’t come here 🙂 BUT I do want to express a little sorry for my sad post yesterday. Sometimes it just hits like a ton of bricks and yes, I am lucky in so many ways and yes things could be worse and no I’d rather not blather on and on {for years} about how I can’t get pregnant but I do so again and again, thank you for listening. I’ve also noticed when I’m in that little baby funk that my DIYs seem to disappear. Funny thing, sadness, zapping me of my creativity & motivation. Bah I say! But I’ve got a few ideas that I’ll get to work on and share with you very soon 😉 I’ve also been putting off a hair video for about a month now. Such a procrastinator 😉

Happy Hump Day …let’s make that literal today, shall we? {well, not YOU and ME literally …but you know what I mean}


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