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#MondayMotivation // Meditation & Letting Go

meditation to cure literally everything

Finally! A new 21 day meditation experience from Deepak called Energize Your Life: Secrets for a Youthful Spirit and it starts TODAY (October 29th, 2018) and I’m excited.

It doesn’t seem that Oprah is collaborating any longer, which is fine, but I did like her quick little 2cents at the beginning of the previous 21 day experiences. I’ve purchased quite a few now and still listen to them but I have to admit that yes, while I am extremely busy and haven’t been making meditation (or health in general) as much of a priority as I used to (and like to), I’m kind of bored with all the ones I already have because I’ve now listened to them over and over and over for years… And that seems to be my excuse du jour, as of late.

They are STILL, by far, my favorite guided meditations to listen to and follow –hands down. I’ve tried others and they just don’t resonate, though I have dabbled in Kundalini practices lately in addition to the transcendental that I do and I really am loving that as well. Rather than just sitting still and repeating a mantra in your head (transcendental), in Kundalini, you do a slow-moving yoga practice with occasional chanting and of course, mindfulness. It’s calming and energizing at the same time, but for me, the daily practice of transcendental meditation (20 mins) is what actually does the deep work without me even trying (beyond the 20 mins a day, if that makes sense).

I open to awareness during meditation and then it sort of just does the job for me.

But no matter what and no matter how long you’ve been meditating, it’s still a challenge some days to quiet the mind and flow into it. That’s why they call it a practice, it’s ongoing… you never really “get good” at it and it’s hard for everyone, but it’s so good for you on so many levels.

learn how to meditate and change your life

This couldn’t come at a better time actually because though I still meditate nearly every day, the new experience is giving me motivation to be diligent with it again.

My favorite time to meditate is right when I wake up, but I went through a period where I was falling back to sleep during morning meditations and while I was benefiting from more sleep, I wasn’t getting my meditation in… so I began practicing in the afternoon, usually after lunch sometime before my walk/hikes and then adding a yoga/stretching practice at night before bed (which I’ve been doing since I was about 19 years old and if you wake up with any pain anywhere, I’d recommend slow stretching or restorative yoga before bed. Not only will you sleep better, but you will wake up in little to no pain. I also us a foam roller each night before bed to roll out my back and legs. I’ve been rolling for about 8 years now).

I’ve been so busy lately and in a bit of a mental funk and I’ve been completely slacking on taking care of myself. I can usually make one of the things a priority; a walk or a meditation session or my nighttime yoga, but I’m doing the least and saying it’s good enough when it’s not even close.

The easiest time to drop all of those things is when we’re in a rut or too busy or feeling like a victim, which I have been all of the above, but it’s really in those times that we need it (self-care and prioritizing health -mental and physical) the most. So my Monday Motivation goal is to get back to my morning meditation practice AND my afternoon hikes AND my evening yoga/stretching because it’s only when I commit to all three every day that I feel good about myself at the end of the day. No matter what else I’ve gotten done or accomplished, those are the things that make me feel good above all.

It’s easy to blame “busy” and not having the time, but it’s not that I don’t have the time, it’s that I’m not prioritizing my time in a way that allows for it… which is the case for anything really. Not having the time is just an excuse. I have the time to check Instagram a hundred times a day, which probably adds up to more wasted time than I even want to admit, so making my health a priority again is my goal, in every way possible.

Anyway, to you, Lovecats, I recommend meditating and starting now if you haven’t yet. I promise you’ll benefit from it in some way or another. Commit to it daily (like brushing your teeth), and start by using this free guided 21 day challenge… because it makes it pretty easy.

You can Register here and download the app (it’s free) and then you can find it easily instead of clicking on it from your email every day.

Disclaimer: I began practicing meditation in the Fall of 2014 and within 6 months it had diminished, if not cured all my anxiety issues and panic disorders. I didn’t begin meditating to “fix” my problems, but that’s what happened. I began just to learn the practice of it because I was intrigued and thought it would be a healthy addition to a wellness lifestyle I was in search of. It worked wonders.

Put in the effort to work on your mental health as you put in the effort to work on your physical health and your future self will thank you.

PS. this is NOT sponsored 🙂

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* IF you’re new to meditation, read: Sensations During Meditation



Happy Monday Lovecats!

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