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My Fireplace Progress: Mantel & Sitting Area

eames house bird+bronze owl+cow skull head+horns+decor+mantel

My first thought for decor above the fireplace/mantel was a large starburst mirror. I wanted something with a vintage feel and a bit different from the norm and finally found the overlapping circles mirror and thought it would be perfect. But when I returned home and held it up, I realized a mirror would be far too high for anyone to see a reflection in and scrapped the idea altogether. I also realized that the circles mirror was a perfect addition to our master bedroom and bought another one to complete the look.

Now, back to the fireplace. I recently found a photo of antlers mounted on the wall with a sort of flower or leaf or bunch of berries draped over it and kind of fell in love. See below:

flowers over antlers inspiration

Now, I’m not really a horns, dead animal mounting kind of girl, er, woman, so I surprised myself when I called my mom -immediately remembering a pair of horns my stepdad, Barry once had hanging on the wall in their house. I guess all morals go out the door when design/decor come into play? But when I asked my mom about them {knowing that they weren’t mounted on their wall now} she told me that he recently sold them at a garage sale …but that there was a cow skull head hanging in the garage. I told her I’d be right over.

fireplace decor ideas+mantel+cow skull horns

Until now, when I thought of cow skull heads and horns Southwestern Decor would come to mind. But for some reason, hanging a cow skull head completely out of context now became quite hilarious to me and as soon as I hung it on the wall I laughed out loud {as I did with my golden tree stumps and my totally gay needlepoint}. And then I knew it had to stay. Thanks Barry!

So I’ve decorated around it for now …and I like it, for now. But it’s still missing something and I’m not quite sure what yet. What I know is missing is a sitting area. I’d actually like a low-to-the-ground, possibly round or kidney shaped table with floor cushions on a soft and cozy rug to lounge on and play board games or cards on with friends. I’m kind of hoping to find a unique vintage table but so far here are a few designs that I’m leaning towards . . . I like glass because you don’t have to worry about drink rings but I like wood because it would be sturdy enough to lean on and/or use to assist in standing from such a low position.

noguchi cofee table
Noguchi Table @ Herman Miller $1,349.00 …a wee bit out of the price range

Platner Coffee table Knoll
Platner Coffee Table @ Knoll $1,268.00 …also out of the price range

cb2 marble round coffee table like Rubik
CB2 Smart Round Marble Coffee Table $299 {a direct-yet-affordable
rip off of the Rubik Round Coffee Table $800}

West Elm round wood coffee table
West Elm Dot Coffee Table $399

fireplace sitting area+cow skull+eames house bird

So this is how it looks now …just waiting for the perfect table, pillows & rug to cross my path so I can complete it. I’m just hoping it will all fall into place before Winter …but with this late Summer heat I don’t think there will be a problem at all.

Wooden ball frames from Aaron Brothers, wooden sex sculpture {hilarious} a wedding gift from Danny, Eames House Bird from HiveModern, Copper Owl, Vase {gift from friend Jamie}


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