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guided meditation - calming quotes

Happy Saturday Lovecats!

I know I haven’t shared about meditation (or anything at all) in a while, but I still include a meditation practice in my daily routine (sometimes alone, chanting my own favorite mantras in any free time I have -or any time I am stuck waiting for something or someone) but mostly I use the Oprah/Deepak guided meditations, which I still love.

I have at least ten of them downloaded to the app on my phone and choose accordingly each day which I think will be the best. I’ve been using them to meditate since 2014 and it has seriously changed my life in ways I wasn’t expecting. If you haven’t started meditating daily, these guided mediations are the easiest way to start a practice of it.

However, I think they stopped producing new ones because the last few “free” 21 day experiences have been repeats of past ones, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t shared. The latest one is Miraculous Relationships and begins on July 15th and while I do think it’s a repeat, it’s one I never purchased and downloaded because I wasn’t entirely feeling it. But maybe I just wasn’t in the right mindset for it then, so I’m excited to try it again now.

guided meditation - calming quotes

* this (above) is something I work on consistently. it’s a HUGE challenge for me as an empath

If you’ve got the app downloaded on your phone, a new 20 minute meditation from the 21 Day experience will show up each day and stay active for 5 days until the 21 days are up. Then they give you the opportunity to buy it at a discounted rate if you so choose. So I’ll be following along with this one, hoping to gain a new perspective and learn something maybe about relationships -because let’s face it, we all need help in that department because people are hard and we are hard and sometimes relationships are hard, right?

Anyway, I’m excited to start this one in a few days so I thought I’d share with you… if you haven’t signed up for it yet, you can do it here for free and download the app for free too.

I’ve tried a handful of other guided meditations, and these are still my favorite 🙂

* All images from the Chopra Center Meditation page on Facebook

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