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You Know Me Well But I Don’t Know You At All

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floral blazer+leyendecker fringe dress+gray jeans+spanish gate

gray jeans from behind+floral blazer+walking off+photo

butt+jeans puckering on butt+floral blazer
Mostly for a close-up of the floral print but see the way the jeans pull on one side of my butt when I walk? Most premium jeans won’t do this. It’s a result of thin or inexpensive denim fabric with incorrect stretch proportions.

leaving+louis vuitton bag+floral blazer+outstide steps+back door

tom ford anouk sunglasses+cat eye sunglasses+louis vuitton speedy bag+magazines+floral blazer+leyendecker fringde dress worn as a top

tom ford anouk sunglasses+floral blazer+leyendecker fringe nude dress+gray jeans+cut out heels

* Cotton floral blazer {pretty sure I bought this in 2003} has no tag though & was from a silly little shop that I don’t even think exists any more. seen here
* Leyendecker nude fringe dress worn as a top
* DL1961 Premium Denim gray jeans …from GILT last seen here …and a wee bit baggier. Not sure if I’ve washed them since then or added a few lbs to the body. Possibly a combination of both 😉 …but probably the lbs. …and so sad I forgot to use my Hem Gems today which would have prevented my jeans from slipping under my heel in between my shoes.
* Boutique 9 Javan Anklestrap Sandalnude cut out strappy sandals
* Louis Vuitton Speedy {30} …yes, still haven’t found a replacement bag so for the time being, it’s Louis
* Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses
* Simple white gold hoops, silver Tiffany lock necklace & charm bracelet, D&G mirror watch, snakeskin bangle
* and still loving Essie’s Lapis of Luxury blue nail lacquer {or polish if you’re not a smug asshole lol …of course I’m half-kidding}

I find that if I have no obligations in the mornings, I also have no reason to get out of bed at any particular time. Why is it that our bed it 100 times more comfortable in the morning than at night when I’m trying to fall asleep? Morning bed is soft and squishy and warm and oh so comfy and why would I ever want to leave that?

* * * * *

I stopped at Aaron Brothers on my way home from the gallery yesterday to grab something for work and decided to have a look around since I hadn’t been there in a long while. And in the back found a few fairly fabulous looking mirrors. I was actually really surprised.

round mirrors

I immediately thought of my mantel and purchased the one in front with all the circles around it {I have a thing for circles}. And when I got it home and held it up above the fireplace …loved it. Until I later walked into our master bedroom did I realize that because of the wrought iron, it had a bit of a Mediterranean feel and would look better as a set of two on either side of the bed above our night stand/console tables. Dammit. Now I not only need to find another one {they only had one}, I still am in need of a mantel-piece for our …mantelpiece.

mirrors at aaron brothers

A nice reader sent me an email with a link to this exact mirror at QVC for literally half the price!. Since I have decided to put one on either side of our bed in the master bedroom, I ordered two from QVC and returned the one to Aaron Brothers. Sorry AB, but the price was wrong. 🙁

* * * * *

Title from La Roux “Colourless Colour” …which I just happened to be listening to while creating this post

OH AND I’m happy to tell you {and a bit selfishly sad} that Stray Frenchie’s owners came around and he went home sweet home.

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