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Hot Town, Summer in the City

maegan+summer+big black sunglasses+green scarf+dark

wide leg pants+loose outfit+green scarf+miu miu shoes

big black sunglasses+70's meets 90's modern style+what to wear+black wide leg pants+loose and comfy outfit+long hair

miu miu shoes+black and white and green outfit+gold accessories+brown with black and white+fashion+green scarf

long hair+big sunglasses+black and white and green and brown outfit+miu miu shoes clogs sandals+loose and comfy outfit

outfit+fashion+louis vuitton+miu miu+myne+green scarf+long hair

miu miu clogs+chain tassel necklace+green scarf+gold jewelry and accessories

old steps+white stairs+miu miu clog sandals+louis vuitton bag+black and white outfit+green scarf+big black sunglasses

cold chain+gold rings+vintage gold and ruby ring+stacking gold rings

outfit details+accessories+

What I’m Wearing
* White Myne by Ashley Ann tunic tank from a recent Gilt sale
* brown cotton tank worn under by Rubbish {old}
* loose black wide-leg pants {these are absolutely ancient but definitely keepers}
* favorite black vintage Bill Kaiserman blazer …so old now that the elbows are all blown out and I have to keep the sleeves rolled up permanently just to wear it.
* Vintage green scarf …seen here woven through a chunky chain necklace
* Gold tassel chain lariat necklace …my DIY -super easy …find it HERE …wrapped just once around and let hang on the sides. Also knotted the chain on either side about 12″ up from the tassel
* Gold hoops, D&G watch and various stacking rings as usual on my ring finger and a vintage gold and ruby ring that was my grandma’s on my first finger. I’m usually fairly simple in the ring/finger jewelry department because I have my wedding/engagement rings on my left hand I usually just keep simple stacking rings in gold or silver on my right ring finger. But lately, I’ve been loving adding another ring to the right first finger in matching tones. It’s loud on my mouse at work, but I don’t think drollgirl minds too much, besides, I’m sure she can barely hear it over my singing, lol.
* Miu Miu clog sandals
* Louis Vuitton speedy with vintage rabbit’s foot
* Super old big black plastic sunglasses which I usually reserve for the pool because I don’t care if they get ruined.
* Hair: let air dry

*Photos: too many! 😉 …there are even more in flickr. Ridiculous that I can’t edit them down sometimes.

The weather this Summer is perplexing to say the least. It’s rather chilly the first part of the day then damn hot the rest, and well into the night. My guess is that since we’ve had such a late start, it will be hot until Christmas …which I really don’t mind actually. I remember warm Christmases as a kid. One in particular when I was around 11 years old {maybe 10 even} and got my first skateboard {neon pink and green and said AWESOME in between the grip tape} and my first Guess button down shirt. I immediately pulled on my guess jean skirt, my taupe scrunch boots, and my new Guess powder blue and white striped button down, rolled up my sleeves and ran outside to skateboard on my new wheels in the warm sun. No white Christmases for California Girls …but I’m okay with that 😉


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