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ZonePerfect Bars: Smart Snacking That Tastes Like Dessert

* This post is brought to you by ZonePerfect® Nutrition Bars. All opinions are my own.

ZonePerfect Bars -8

Very rarely do I agree to do sponsored food posts, but I was kind of interested in trying these Zone Perfect® Nutrition Bars. And since I can’t get them in my area, it was kind of the perfect excuse to buy a few different flavors on Amazon, try them out, and give you the rundown.

And here’s my number one finding: THEY’RE REALLY FANTASTICALLY DELICIOUS!

ZonePerfect Bars -6

I bought Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Mint, and Fudge Graham. Somehow, besides their unique flavors, the bar shape, texture, and consistency are all completely different-yet all are equally delicious.

Admittedly, though, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite for flavor and texture.

Here’s the secret: The bars actually taste like dessert. And this one in particular is soft and tastes like the perfect mix of cookie and dough without being too sweet.

ZonePerfect Bars -4

My trick, though, is to not eat the entire bar in one sitting. I sort of rip and claw at it throughout the day whenever I need a little pick-me-up to give me the energy I need to finish my work.

I especially love them with my coffee in the morning and in the afternoon. It's like having a little bit of dessert, but packed with protein and nutrients. They help me power through my busy mornings at my desk writing, answering emails, taking calls and meetings, and prepping and scheduling posts, and give me a boost to tackle my hectic afternoons creating content, running work errands around town, and even my daily workouts.

Seriously, though, they’re so good, you’ll have to keep yourself from eating an entire bar 5 times a day.

ZonePerfect Bars - Balenciaga bag

ZonePerfect Bars are the perfect snack to take with you on the go.

It’s easy to grab one and toss it in my bag to prevent energy lags throughout the day. I love having one with me so that I can snack and rally and refocus.

The Fudge Graham and Chocolate Mint bars are both thicker and crunchier and even a little sweeter than the Cookie Dough, but also delish!

ZonePerfect Bars - 2

At ZonePerfect, we don’t just love making bars—we insist that all of our snacks feature delicious and tempting ingredients that also happen to be nutritious. With so many varieties to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect flavor for any craving. So keep a few bars on hand, and don’t let snack time distract you.

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