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A Few of My Favorite Fast Foods

If you follow my Tweets you know that I am mostly made of peanut m&m’s …IF we’re going by the we are what we eat theory, but that’s only when I’m at the gallery {mindlessly popping one after another in my mouth as stress builds and releases throughout the day}. On the regular though, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to food. I like it quick, generally healthy and um, quick. I do cook on occasion but my creativity these days lies elsewhere so we order dinner in or eat out most nights. I always kind of assumed that I’d begin cooking regularly when I had kids and since that’s not happening, I’ll have to motivate myself to someday add cooking to my repertoire of daily activities – but for now, I just can’t be bothered with it. So on the four other days of the week where I am working from home, these are the foods I generally opt for to keep me happy throughout the day.

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* While I don’t like to use the microwave for too many things I do love Amy’s Organic Lasagna’s & have been eating them for almost 10 years now. They are delish, organic, quick and easy! My favorite is the Garden Vegetable {which is gluten free as well}. They take 5 minutes to cook, 2 to cool, then I sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top and voila! Amazingly perfect little lunch.


* I die for these organic apples …they are the BEST {though I have no idea what they are because the husband does all the grocery shopping for me}. I keep them refrigerated mostly but since I bring one with me wherever I go, it’s the perfect temperature by the time I eat it. Apples HAVE to be CRISP or forget it! I’m kind of a nut for salty and sweet mixed …so string cheese is usually the other item you’ll find in my bag on any given day. {LeRoy is quite aware of my bag at all times & what morsels he might want to snatch out of it} I’m SUPER PARTICULAR about my string cheese …IT HAS TO STRING or it’s no good to me. In fact, the one’s shown here do not string well and I hate them. I ate all the good ones. Frigo String Cheese in the Green Wrapper seems to be the stringiest!


* Confession: I’m kind of white trash when it comes to a few foods, beef jerky being one of them. It’s just such a great source of protein {and sodium so don’t go there if you have a salt issue}. I HAVE to have something sweet with it …usually apple juice is my sweetness of choice.

Top Ramen noodles

* And speaking of white trash, Top Ramen remains one of my all-time-favorite ZERO nutrition foods on the planet. Also super high in sodium and low in anything that’s good for you, some days it’s just all I crave. Chicken is my favorite …and I always eat it with chopsticks – as if they somehow make it more chic!


* I LOVE avocados. I add them to every salad and every sandwich I ever make but sometimes, when I’m on the go, I just grab one, slice it open, sprinkle some sea salt on it and dig in with a spoon.


* Last but not least, and certainly not healthy …but not horribly bad either, Le Petit Ecolier dark chocolate biscut cookies. OMG MY FAVORITE. They HAVE to be dark chocolate though and COLD! I keep them in the fridge and have been known to eat an entire box in one day – not one sitting, but one day definitely. No judgements 😉

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