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DIY Elizabethan Ruffle Clown Collars for Your Pets

Sad clown dog
This was a last-minute Halloween idea for the puppos, which spawned from the fact that I call them my Bo-Bos, and was suddenly inspired by BoBo the Clown to make them clowns for Halloween. But BoBo didn’t wear a neck ruffle, and maybe it was Bozo the Clown I was thinking of? But regardless, once I finished making these tiny tutus, they were much more Elizabethan Ruffle than anything else, which I adored even more.

I think when we have these Little Lords painted by the fabulous artist Luke Jervis, we may have to put them in Elizabethan collars, because I’m kind of in love.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Victorian -Clown-Dog Tutu Collars-1
* Micro-mesh tulle $3 each ~ I pick these tulle spools up whenever I see them in great colors because they’re fantastic to have on-hand. I love gift-wrapping with them!

* Scissors

Takes about 30mins from beginning to end and is ridiculously easy! If your pet’s neck is as big as a Frenchie’s, you’ll use almost the entire spool of tulle on this project.


DIY Victorian -Clown-Dog Tutu Collars-2
* Cut your base ribbon strand as long as you will need it to wrap around your pet’s neck and then some… I tied them in a bow so I could easily slip them on and off.

* Cut a handful of {about} 2″ long squares… cut them longer if you want your tutu collar longer.

DIY Victorian -Clown-Dog Tutu Collars
* Find the stretchy side of your tulle square, give it a tug to stretch it, then find the center and wrap it around your finger creating a loop.

DIY Elizabethan - Clown-Dog Tutu Collars
* Slip your loop under your collar base, wrap the “legs” up, over and through your loop…

DIY Elizabethan - Clown-Dog Tutu Collars
* Pull your “legs” tightly so that it’s on for good… then slide it over to the rest of your looped tulle.

DIY Elizabethan - Clown-Dog Tutu Collars
* It will look like this. Keep going until you have enough to wrap around your pet’s neck entirely. Trim off any excess in the base length AND trim the length of your tutu if you want, then tie it in a bow around your pet’s neck.

NOTE: I tied Randy’s {the green one} perfectly, but Trevor’s {blue one} is a little loose and sits a bit too far down on his big Frenchie neck.

And… Voila!

DIY Elizabethan - Clown-Dog Tutu Collars
BIG Trev on Halloween
DIY Elizabethan - Clown-Dog Tutu Collars
Clown Pups-French Bulldogs in costume

“A… RooRoo! We love our ruffles!”

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