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I Walk Through Fire For You… Just Let Me Adore You

SKIMS bralette-yoga pants-cozy knit sweater-french bulldogs

What I’m Wearing…

* SKIMS plunge triangle black bralette, which is more comfortable than I would have imagined and perfect for layering under winter clothes without feeling like you’re wearing a an actual bra BUT with some actual support, unlike many of the blalettes I’ve tried in the past.
* Vintage oversized cardigan sweater – also seen here and here in the snow – The only similar style I could find was on Etsy… super cute, but pricey custom oversized cardigan
* Victoria’s Secret yoga pants… hands down, VS makes my favorite fold-over leggings. I’ve had this pair for at least 4-5 years and they keep their shape and wash and wear so well and are more comfy than any of the others I have. I hope the newer versions are the same quality.

* L’Oreal Colour Riche Matte lip liner -I think the color is 112 – Matte-Stermind – and wow. LOVE. This is the first time trying it because I thought the color was too dark for me, but it’s kind of perfect actually, goes on super soft and smooth and lasts forever. Which I actually had to learn the hard way… so be careful lining with it, because it’s there once it’s there if you mess up the lines.

* Custom Dogwood Tavern mug by Lake Mud Pottery in Crestline

* Title: Harry Styles – Adore You You don’t have to say you love me…. You don’t have to say nothing…. You don’t have to say you’re mine… I have this song on repeat now… if you haven’t seen the video yet, click the link. It’s bizarre but worth the watch.

SKIMS bralette-yoga pants-cozy knit sweater-french bulldogs - striped walls

Sometimes the pain that comes with my period is so intense I feel like I’m going to die… or at least pass out, but neither happens, thankfully. I can only liken it to contractions and childbirth/labor, though I’ve never experienced them, this pain feels like my body wants to push a baby out. I know I can’t really compare, but even if the pain is not AS bad, it’s a close second.

Some months the endometriosis makes it worse than others and sometimes I feel like it’s associated with what I’ve eaten and how much exercise I’ve gotten but I can’t be sure. I wish there was some kind of cure for Endometriosis or at least a remedy that works on some level. I know when I’ve eaten more chocolate and sugar, it seems to be worse, which is difficult because with PMS comes chocolate cravings and things made of bread and if I knew for sure those worsened my symptoms, I would stay away. But even if I know they could be the cause, I forget, because again, some periods are worse than others and I tend to only remember after experiencing the worse ones and then look back at my inconsistent diet and lack of exercise (thanks SNOW and RAIN) as the culprit.

I don’t know. I wish I did. I know some women have been saved by changing their diet or sticking to a plant-based diet, but I can only go a few days before I order chicken or steak. I don’t eat much dairy, except for butter and sour cream and occasionally, cheese, otherwise, my diet isn’t meat-heavy at all. I have steak or a burger maybe once a month, but chicken a little more regularly. Again… I don’t know. All I know is that the last three days have been painful. But it may be worth giving these Endometriosis meal plans a real try.

Luckily my schedule and working from home allows me to take pain breaks and sit and rock back and forth or cry on the bed or couch until the pain is gone or at least until maybe a Tylenol kicks in. I don’t like taking anything stronger, though it would probably help, but the pain comes in waves, like contractions and can last 2minutes or ten minutes or an hour or all day… but eventually there is some relief, and the general period aches remain. Those are tolerable. It’s the stabbing, piercing, bloated belly pains that kill me. And then I’m exhausted from it.

I actually had a doctor’s appointment on Monday just because it’s been a while, but had to cancel because my period arrived a day early. However, I doubt this doctor will be able to help me at all and I’ll have to find another fertility specialist to work her magic. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but until I was 30years old, all my paps came back normal. It wasn’t until I accidentally went to a fertility specialist who performed an inner sonogram that I finally knew why my periods were so painful. That was when I learned I had Endo and cysts on my ovaries and had laparoscopic surgery to remove them soon after. I tell you this just in case you’re new here and you have intensely painful periods and/or weird pains and exhaustion and normal paps. Find a specialist and have more tests done. You won’t really probably have any pain relief but at least you’ll have answers and know why your body is doing what it does 🙂

I’ve included all the Endometriosis books that look promising below (or if you follow the link) and intend on reading at least 3 of them. This one Healing Endo Naturally is one that’s catching my eye the most. I think the new year is a good time to start actually trying to heal this situation and to see just how much of my life it’s affecting. It’s easy to blame everything else until the pain arrives, but what if there was no pain? Oh that would be a miracle.

Have any of you had real success or Endo pain relief from changing your diet or following one of these cookbooks or meal plans? Any other remedies that have helped? I’d love to know!! xo

SKIMS bralette-yoga pants-cozy knit sweater-french bulldogs - striped walls

SKIMS bralette-yoga pants-cozy knit sweater-french bulldogs - striped walls

SKIMS bralette-yoga pants-cozy knit sweater-french bulldogs - striped walls

Bedding is from Serena and Lily (a few years ago)… the rest of the info is in my Master Bedroom post.

SKIMS bralette-yoga pants-cozy knit sweater-french bulldogs - striped walls

Happy Friday Lovecats! Okay, ALMOST Friday!

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