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Margaret Keane’s Big Eyes + My New Art Print

keane movie still 13

I cannot WAIT to see Tim Burton’s Big Eyes ! I’m obviously obsessed with art and artists {I still miss working at the art gallery} and I love a good scandal! I actually remember these stoic yet emotional prints hanging in homes when I was just a kid, because they were trendy at the time and affordable. Over the years I think many artists have replicated the look and/or have been inspired by Keane’s big eyes. Marc Ryden, for instance, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE ARTISTS creates candy coated dream worlds in his paintings, which look sweet and innocent from afar, but reveal a little more of a sinister glimpse up close. His creamy colors and dewy portraits have enlarged detailed eyes, though they’re not as much of a focal point as in Keane’s paintings.

Big Eyes opens in theaters tomorrow, but when I first saw the trailer I was determined to find a vintage little print of my own and scored a tiny tearful blonde on eBaby about a month ago. She sits on the shelves beside my desk, among the stacks and stacks of vintage magazines, and I adore her {scroll to the bottom of the post to see the photos}.

Many of my favorite movies include art, artists, or some kind of art scandal. How to Steal a Million and The Thomas Crown Affair, are two of my favorite movies of all time and happen to both story around art heists. They’re both saved on my DVR for eternity because I just never know when I’ll want to watch them again. I’m kind of hoping I can include Big Eyes to the list, because it really looks amazing!

Check out the Big Eyes Official Trailer if you haven’t seen it yet, below…

Sadly, people don’t buy “lady art” … Can you IMAGINE your husband or partner taking credit for ALL OF YOUR WORK?!?! There’s no possible way I could handle that as well as Margaret did. On one hand, your work is getting out there, and making a living as an artist isn’t easy AND Keane sort of kicked off the whole prints-as-art genre, which allows everyone to have some form of art in their homes if they wish. But on the other hand SHE DID ALL THE WORK! She was the talent and the artist!

Do you think this kind of thing could happen today, in modern society?

Learn more about Margaret Keane via her website: Margaret Keane – Eyes. Photos are screen caps from the Big Eyes trailer.

keane movie still 2

keane movie still 3

keane movie still 4

keane movie still 6

keane movie still 7

keane movie still 9

Margaret Keane now…

keane movie still 14

This Boston Terrier from 2007, Margaret painted is fantastic… I wonder if she would do a commissioned work of our French Bulldogs, Trevor and Randy? I doubt it, but wouldn’t that just be BRILLIANT!?!? Eventually I’ll have Luke Jervis paint them, and maybe even Nicole Newsted, because I just cannot seem to have enough unique paintings of our dogs in our home.

My new little Keane print…

Keane big eyes painting print

Small Big Eyes Keane Print

tiny keane big eyes framed print

Merry Christmas, Lovecats!

* Have a happy Christmas Eve and to everyone else, Merry Wednesday to you! Who else will be watching The Interview tonight?!?! Because we can’t wait to get on that, lol! But also, BIG EYES 🙂


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