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Merry Christmas!! 2020 Edition

christmas frenchies 2020

Merry Christmas Lovecats!

We’ve made it through the holiday season and here we find ourselves on Christmas day fortunate to be alive and well and though we may not have thrived in 2020, we have definitely survived 2020.

This Christmas is a quiet one for us, as it probably is for you and your family as well… we had the girls until Wednesday and will get them back next week to celebrate Christmas then, so for now, it’s just the two of us. No family gatherings, no parties, no dressing up, none of the usual holiday cheer, but the silver lining I suppose is that there is no stress either, which is always a blessing.

It’s hard not to think about who we’re missing and what we’re not doing compared to what we’d normally be doing for Christmas and get caught up in the emotions and feelings that come with isolation during the holidays because of quarantine and this whole year, but when you reframe it and try to think of it as just another day, then it feels like a day off with nothing to do and those days are so few and far between that we have to be grateful for that, if nothing else.

…but really, there is so much more. We are so fortunate in so many ways and I hope you are feeling that way too.

I hope you’re all having a wonderfully Merry Christmas today and wishing those who don’t celebrate Christmas a happy holiday as well.

christmas frenchies by the tree 2020

frenchie laying in front of the tree with the elf on the shelf

Trevor’s vestibular vertigo returned this week, so he’s been a little under the weather, off balance, falling over and not really sure of his surroundings, which has been a bit of a struggle (for both of us), but he’s doing a little better now and hopefully he’ll make a full recovery in the next few days…

white french bulldogs in front of the christmas tree

We’ve been doing these Christmas photoshoots since 2014… I can’t even believe these Bobes are going to be 7 years old in January. This year’s photoshoot was the easiest yet and I was really hoping that if I put the elf on the shelf in front of them they’d start playing with it and tear it up (just for 2020 irony), but no such luck, they were perfect gentlemen and didn’t even bother with it.

By the expressions on their faces, they might as well be saying alright mom, we know the drill, let’s just get this over with so we can have our snacks… and that works for me 🙂

christmas frenchies in front of the tree

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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