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90s look, oversized tee, MOTHER, denim jacket, docs and leggings, dr martens, by the lake, lake arrowhead, winter style, cloudy day, overcast

What I’m Wearing…

* M O T H E R long sleeve distressed tee from The Story of Mother so soft and comfy and I LOVE the embroidery. It’s oversized. I’m wearing a S/M/L – I think it’s sold out now, but hopefully soon they’ll release a new drop! Made by my friend Bridget Blonde
* Leggings from Victoria’s Secret. I don’t care what anyone says, their foldover yoga leggings are the best. They’ve been my favorite for years and years, are thick and last forever and always keep their shape. During Dogwood’s renovation, I ruined two pairs and had 2 left and during my most recent office renovation, I ruined one more pair and have had one pair without any paint on them I’ve been washing like twice a week lately… So I finally just ordered 3 more pairs last week (since I’ve been skating in them so frequently) I just realized though I ordered the “regular” instead of “tall” and even though the tall ones bunch at my knees sometimes, I really love the longer length. I included a similar pair in my shopping widget below from amazon, but I haven’t tried them – though I want to. – ANNND now that I think about it, I should have worn my favorite jeans by MOTHER instead.
* Oversized denim jacket (lined and hooded – Chad’s and so comfy, I wear it on the daily) this fleece lined denim by Levi’s one is cute
* Barton Perreira sunglasses
* Marc Jacobs black pillow flap bag with chain strap
* Black furry beanie
* And my favorite faux fur lined Docs with blue socks (I’ve purchased new socks for skating and these are my faves)

* Title: Patti Smith – Mother Rose

90s look, oversized tee, MOTHER, denim jacket, docs and leggings, dr martens, by the lake, lake arrowhead, winter style, cloudy day, overcast

I’ve been thinking about the term “Mother” a lot lately and how it has applied to me in so many ways throughout my life even though I haven’t been able to grow a baby inside my body… and oddly enough, being the first born and oldest sibling lent itself pretty easily to the term.

I was eleven when my parents separated and when we’d have to spend weekends with my dad, I was quickly termed “mother” in a sarcastic and almost shaming manner by my family because of the careful eye I had on my brother, who was only 5 at the time. Obviously as a child you don’t fully understand the realm of which an adult can parent, but I clearly didn’t trust my father to care for me or my brother properly and felt the need to step in and take on that responsibility at a young age. From my perspective, even now, it was necessary based on my memories and the events that took place during our visits.

In the last few years I’ve taken on the role of “stepmother” even though I’m not technically bound to that label just yet, it’s been an interesting and wild ride in which I was kind of just thrown into. I think if I ever really delve into that story, I’d have to honor it with its own post. But in the last year with COVID and the lockdown I’ve noticed Peyton, the oldest, who will turn ten this summer, has sort of taken on the “mother” role of her younger sister in a way (even though she’s just 2 years older) and I can see my own childhood version of myself in her in many ways.

This “mother” role has also and most unfortunately followed me into my relationships with men as well and I find myself feeling the need to “mother” them in one way or another, which I didn’t realize until much later in my life was probably not such a good thing, but it’s my nature. I am learning to watch my tendencies and nip them in the bud though, so to speak, because honestly it’s not helpful to anyone, (especially me) and too easily creates codependent relationships (which I’m still learning about now) .

And last, but definitely not least, my favorite “mother” role of all (and I’m sorry/not sorry) is to my Bobes, and all of my past French Bulldogs and Pugs, and Boston Terriers, who have all happened to be the most high maintenance pets of all-time, but maybe that’s just the way I like it. I often think it’s a good thing I never had kids of my own because I’d smother them with my mothering, and they’d need mass amounts of adult therapy because of it… but the dogs just live for it and will never complain about the trauma I’ve caused them by being a helicopter-dog-mom in adult therapy sessions years from now 😉 …in fact, they literally can’t get enough of me and my mothering 🙂 🙂 🙂

90s look, oversized tee, MOTHER, denim jacket, docs and leggings, dr martens, by the lake, lake arrowhead, winter style, cloudy day, overcast

I had a friend recently say YOU LOOK SO TALL AND SO SKINNY in your photos lately and I have to say it’s purely by accident, but I’m not mad about it, lol. It spawned due to laziness (not to mention reminded me of my outfit blogging origins shooting off of Mulholland in LA on my way to the Gallery)… one day I was in a hurry and was too lazy to grab my tripod so I pulled my car straight into where I wanted my background and set my phone on the front bumper, which slightly tilts back as it rests on my car, set the 10second timer and then run into place… and it happens to get the most flattering shots with the coolest backgrounds as well… so it’s a win/win. Try it and let me know if it works for you too! 🙂

Happy Hump Day Lovecats!

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