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Halloween Ideas // Spooky Drowning Zombie Merlot Cocktails

spooky-zombie-merlot-cocktails, halloween party cocktail ideas
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I’m just a little bit OBSESSED with these Zombie Wine Cocktails…

Though if I’m being honest, they’re not really, technically – cocktails, but a simple upgrade to the already delicious Ecco Domani Merlot, complete with a reaching zombie arm for all the Halloween goodness. They’re PERFECT for Halloween parties because they’re super quick and easy to make but are so fun, everyone will be talking about them.

Here’s What You’ll Need…


How-to Make Zombie Arm Drink Stirs…

The zombie arms are a stir that can also be eaten, of course!


1. Cut an inch off of both ends of your black licorice to create a straw

2. Cut the arms off of your skeletons

3. Slide your skeleton arms into one side of your licorice

4. Pop em in your glasses

NOTE: I began with my licorice long enough to stick far out of my wine glasses… as the licorice dissolves in the wine, the arms get shorter and shorter and the look at the end is the perfect zombie arm reaching from the wine. You can cut your licorice any size you want to.

Maraschino Merlot Mixer…


The best thing about these Merlot cocktails is that after pouring your Ecco Domani Wine into each glass, you simply drop in 3-5 Maraschino cherries, and add a bit of the cherry juice as well for a little extra punch. Ecco Domani Merlot wine is medium-bodied with ripe cherry aromas and plush blackberry flavors so the additional Maraschino cherries really boost the already delicious taste.


I chose to keep my cherries whole, but if you want to really make your cocktails look extra spooky for Halloween, muddle your cherries before adding them to your Merlot to look like actual zombie guts!


Stir your cocktails with your licorice zombie arms…

And… Enjoy!








Happy Halloween!

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